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Portland Public Schools

Portland, Oregon

501 N. DixonPortland, OR 97227(503) 916-2000

Community Transition Program

Supporting students as they transition to life after high school in building independence and quality of life.

The Community Transition Program endeavors to:
  • Build skills to support students in acheiving the greatest degree of independence and quality of life as adults
  • Include and integrate adults, ages 18-21, in the community and workplace
  • Increase access to post-secondary education, social and leisure acitivities 
  • Make appropriate referrals to other relevant services/agencies
  • Build transition links to community colleges and vocational training programs 

Community Transition Program Sites

CTP at Green Thumb
6801 SE 60th Ave
Portland, OR 97206
Map to Transition Center  
2627 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
Portland, OR 97212 
Map to transition center     
CTP Humboldt Portable
4825 NE Haight  
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CTP Contacts

CTP Website

Michelle Markle

Lavell Wood
Assistant Principal