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Assistive Technology Forms

PPS Assistive Technology Team consists of specialists with backgrounds in occupational therapy, teaching and speech-language pathology. Their mission is to provide best practice to support the success of learners in our district in the areas of assistive technology (AT) and augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). Their services may include AT and AAC systems and strategies, training and support to educational teams for the adaptation and modification of curriculum. They work in partnership with the building educational team.

Request for Assistance

The Assistive Technology Team (AT Team) provides short-term loans of assistive technology and materials for individual students. Teachers may request short-term loans of equipment to try with students with IEP’s. The short-term loan period is forty school days or approximately two months. To access support complete the Request for Assistance form.

Request for Assistance (click here)

Long-Term Loan Application

The Assistive Technology Review Committee (ATRC) reviews assistive technology (AT) and augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) equipment applications for students. The committee is composed of the following professionals: assistive technology specialist, augmentative and alternative communication specialist, occupational therapist, and special education teacher. When necessary, professionals from other disciplines are invited to assist the committee in reviewing the applications.

To submit an application for a long-term loan, follow the directions on the Assistive Technology webpage.

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504 Long-Term Loan Application

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Examples of Long-Term Loan Applications

CoWriter - word prediction software

iPad Mini with GoTalk communication app

Assistive Technology Used in the Home

When technology is checked out to an individual student based on their IEP goals or homework needs, the district and the parent(s)/guardian must enter into an agreement. This agreement outlines that the parent(s)/guardian understands that they are responsible for the equipment, will take responsibility for damaged equipment and that the equipment should be used exclusively for educational activities. The Assistive Technology Team must approve the agreement.

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Private Equipment

”Privately owned equipment” means assistive technology equipment owned by the parent(s) or assistive technology equipment not owned by the parent(s) but provided by the parent for the student to use at school. When privately owned equipment is being used at school PPS and the parents must enter into an agreement about how the equipment will be used at school, how the parents can revoke consent and the how the equipment will be used safely in the school setting.

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