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Student Parking at Wilson

  • Parking at Wilson is limited so please consider carpooling, public transportation or other modes of transportation. All students using the Wilson parking lot must register their car(s) in Room 139 and they must apply to purchase a parking permit using this form. Parking permits cost $55.00 and are valid for one year. Students must pay any previous parking fines before they are issued a new parking permit.

    PARKING IS ON A FIRST COME/FIRST SERVED BASIS, with seniors given first priority, then juniors, as space is available.


    Please note the following about parking:

    • Students must have purchased an assigned parking spot to park in our parking lot during school hours.
    • The speed limit in the parking lot is not to exceed 10 mph.
    • Parking permits are not to be shared or transferred. If you engage in sharing or transferring parking permit, you will forfeit your permit.
    • All spots on campus are assigned to individual students, teachers and staff.  The main parking lot is for juniors and seniors only. Staff spots are designated with yellow numbers; students spots have white numbers.
    • Students will be ticketed and an orange sticker placed on their vehicle if they are parked in staff parking.  Do not park in staff parking.
    • Sophomores will not be able purchase parking permits. They are required to register their car and will be issued a registration tag that must be displayed on the rear view mirror. There is no fee assessed. Registration helps the school identify cars in case of emergency, etc. Sophomores may use the Rieke parking lot or street parking subject to availability.
    • Wilson issues parking citations for all parking violations. These violations will result in forfeiture of the parking permit and the car is subject to tow at the owner’s expense.
    • Driving underclassmen off campus during the school day will result in forfeiture of the parking permit.
    • Any car parked in the Wilson parking lot without a valid parking permit is subject to tow at the owner’s expense.

    Passes will be issued by the first full week of school. Violations will be ticketed starting that same time.

    NOTE: The Portland Police Department does patrol the lot and surrounding streets. They also will issue citations and/or tow cars that are illegally parked.

Parking Reminder, January 2016

  • The Wilson High School parking lot is only for Wilson High students and staff with a parking permit. The permit must be displayed on the rear view mirror facing forward. As of today, parking permits are sold out for the 2015-2016 school year. The north side of the Rieke lot is available to students who have registered their car, but do not have a permit.

    We are ticketing cars that are parked in faculty parking, fire lanes and other non-student parking spots.

    Cars that continuously park in unauthorized parking will be towed. Sergeants Towing, 503-281-1948, will tow any unauthorized car from this lot, or a tire immobilizer ($75 fine) will be placed on the car. Please contact Dean Shetler in room 139 if you have any questions.