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  • FPE Newsletter 1/27/17

    From Principal Lisa Newlyn

    Dear Parents and Families,

    I want to welcome our new, incoming Kinder families to our weekly newsletter.  Thank you for coming to our Connect to Kindergarten event last night.  Welcome to Forest Park!

    A lovely sunny Friday is a great way to celebrate our first five, full days of school since 2016.   We've noticed kiddos are a little more tired and wiggly than usual.  They are building their school day stamina back.  Thank you for keeping up routines at home and making sure students arrive right on time, ready to start the day.  Our Average Daily Attendance rate is 96%!

    Teachers are gearing up for the end of the quarter this week and making up for lost time from all the snow.  Ms. Gardner's technology classes finished up their Hour of Code.  Who doesn't love programming their own MineCraft sequence?  Kindergarten celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King by making portraits of him in watercolor.  5th graders are researching milk, and preparing to write to me about the nutritional differences between white milk and chocolate milk.  

    No School Friday
    In the midst of all this we are also conducting summative assessments in order to determine proficiency and growth markers in preparation of the Quarter 2 Report Cards.  There is No School Friday, 2/3 for Teacher Planning/Preparation.  You'll find Q2 Report Cards in your child's backpack on Friday, 2/10.

    New School Counselor
    Please join me in welcoming our new school counselor, Jackie Carver.  Ms. Carver comes to us as a well experienced PPS counselor with experience at many PPS schools including West Sylvan.  She join us on Monday.  I want to thank Mr. Giles Cattlin for his time and support of our kids over the past couple of months.  He has been amazing!

    FPE Sustainability
    Over the past two years we've given special attention to our lunchtime waste.  Thanks to our Sustainability Coordinator, Colleen McBrinn, we've lessened the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill.  Last year's waste audit showed that we filled a total of 4, large garbage bins each day with plasticware, food waste, and milk cartons.  Last year we started sorting food waste and using metal spoons and forks.  This week we started recycling milk cartons.  No small feat as it requires rinsing and drying the cartons first.  Thank you Colleen and thank you to all the parents who come and make our new disposal system work for our kids!  (PS - see the sign up below)

    Read on below for more information and important dates.

    Have a great weekend!