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    Portland Public Schools Interim Superintendent, Bob McKean

    Portland Public Schools Interim Superintendent, Bob McKean

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    Dear PPS Students, Families and Staff:

    I know there is a lot of anxiety and concern in our communities about current events related to potential federal immigration enforcement activity - and we have been equally concerned.

    I want to assure you that the actions at the federal level do not reflect the values of our district.

    PPS remains committed to creating safe and inclusive learning environments for all of our students regardless of race, gender, gender identify, religion, ethnicity or immigration status.

    And we will protect the right to a public education, which is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, for every student attending Portland Public Schools regardless of their parents’ immigration status or the immigration status of a student.

    The PPS Board of Education reaffirmed this commitment in November of 2016 with the adoption of Resolution No. 5363, which clarified the district’s procedures relating to any Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) activity in the community. 

    In follow up to this resolution, we have updated our internal policies and have been working with principals to ensure they have the information they need to respond and protect our students should federal agents approach a school or enforcement activity occurs in a community.

    We are also working with Multnomah County’s SUN community school program to make sure they have updated emergency contact information and will be convening community meetings in coordination with our principals and PPS community-based organizations to assist families with the development of emergency plans and to answer other questions or concerns.

    See the attached Q&A for your reference and some key points of our policies below:

    1. PPS does not collect or track the immigration or citizen status of students or their family. 
    2. PPS will not allow federal agents to enter a school and will not allow any student to be removed from school.
    3. If a federal agent approaches a school, schools will take immediate action to protect all students and emergency protocols will be put into effect.
    4. PPS schools closely protect the confidentiality of students’ personal information, in accordance with state and federal law.  Emergency contact information will not be released to the public.
    5. PPS relies upon student emergency contact information in the event that a parent cannot retrieve them from school.
    6. All parents should make sure emergency contact information is current and a trusted adult is authorized to pick up their child in the event of any emergency, including if a parent is detained by INS.

    Thank you for your part in creating an inclusive and safe place for all our students to learn and thrive. We ask for your continued support and sensitivity to these issues that impact many of our families and to immediately report any unfair treatment, harassment or bullying of students whose citizenship or immigration status is being questioned.

    Thank you again for your contribution to PPS and commitment to our students.


    Bob Mckean
    Interim PPS Superintendent