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  • Kindergarten at Holladay Annex for 2019-20 School Year

    Dear Bridger community,

    I am very pleased to let you know that we have agreed on a plan to move all Bridger kindergarten classes to the Holladay Annex, located at 7100 SE Division St. This option, which was developed in collaboration with Bridger staff and families, had by far the most support -- and after a tour of the facility and much discussion, we agree it offers the right range of amenities for our kindergartners and our Bridger families. Our plan now is to make this transition as smooth as possible.

    I also want to assure you that we are beginning a thorough and long-range assessment of our district to determine how best to use all of our school buildings and how to ensure the best balance of enrollment and school programming. You will be hearing much more about this effort in the coming weeks.
    In the meantime, Bridger kindergarten families can learn more details about the move to Holladay Annex during our Kinder Connect programs that have been rescheduled to take place on: 

    Thursday, March 7th at Bridger School 8:45-10:15am or 6:30-8pm 

    If these times do not work for you and you would like to arrange another time to hear more about kindergarten at Bridger, please contact Principal Melissa Schachner at 503-916-6336. Thank you all for your support and patience as we plan what is best for all Bridger students.

    Dr. Yvonne Curtis
    Deputy Superintendent, Instruction and School Communities

  • Being a Responsibile Digital Citizen

    Expectations for Bridger’s Personal Technology Devices

    Personal technological devices may be used for instructional/educational purposes and only at staff discretion.

    What are technological devices? They are defined as cell phones, smart watches, handheld electronic toys or games, iPods, Gameboys and/or anything that has earbuds and the potential for an electronic connection. These devices should stay home if they are a distraction to the academic climate at Bridger.


    Expectations: During school hours, technological devices may enter the building in the student backpacks in “off” mode. They are to be kept put away and left off until exiting the building at end of school day. Bridger is not responsible for lost or stolen technology.


    What happens if technological device is being used, is in sight or otherwise engaged?


    The following procedure will be enforced:
    • When unintentional: student will be asked to turn off their device and put it away (ex. A student forgets to turn the device off and it makes a sound during class, the staff member will ask them to get it out, turn it off and put it back away).

    • First intentional time: student will be asked to check in their device into the office- they can pick it up at the end of the school day.

    • Second intentional time: student will be asked to check in their device into the office, student must tell their family about the loss of the device and have an adult come into the office and check out the device.

    • If continues again, disciplinary action may be used.


    Expectativas: Durante las horas escolares, dispositivos electrónicos son permitidos en el edificio en las mochilas de los estudiantes si están apagados. Deben permanecer apagados y guardados hasta que salgan del edificio al final del dia. La escuela de Bridger no es responsable por propiedad perdida o robada.

    Qué ocurre si un dispositivo electrónico es usado, esta a vista, o comprometido de otra manera?

    Se aplicará el siguiente procedimiento:

    • Cuando es Involuntario: se le pedirá al estudiante que apague y guarde su celular. (Ej.: un estudiante se le olvida apagar el celular y suena durante clases, el personal le pedirá que lo saque, apague, y guarde.)

    • Primer Incidente Intencional: el estudiante tendrá que entregar su dispositivo a la oficina y podrá recogerlo al final del día escolar.

    • Segundo Incidente Intencional: el estudiante tendrá que entregar su dispositivo a la oficina y se le informará a la familia para que un adulto venga a recogerlo de la oficina.

    • Si continua, acción disciplinaria puede ser implementada.

    Using PTA funds we are able to present monthly videos and discussion questions addressing different aspects of digital citizenship that families need to know about. This first article is an introduction about digital citizenship.

    Meet the Parents in the videos

    Digital Citizenship in English Video

    Digital Citizenship in Spanish Video


    Discussion Questions

    • How would you explain a digital footprint and its importance to your student?

    • What are some examples of how you create a mindful digital footprint for yourself?

    • What are some important online skills you would like your child to put into practice?

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