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     April 13th - June 5th


    Franklin High School Distance Learning Schedule (April 13 - June 5) - UPDATE


    Student Schedule







    8:15 - 8:50

    Student Choice - Course work


    Period 1

    Period 3

    Period 5

    Period 7



    Period 2

    Period 4

    Period 6

    Period 8



    Lunch/Clubs and Activities-Online




    Physical Activity- Recommended


    Continue coursework, projects etc.  


    We do know that instruction has to be flexible, asynchronous and “packaged” in manageable pieces to maximize student success.


    What to Expect:

    • Teachers will provide both asynchronous (independent) and synchronous (collective) instruction and learning opportunities.

    • Only during the assigned class periods will teachers host synchronous class sessions in Google Meets. 

    We want to prevent students from being asked by teachers to be a part of different meetings/sessions, where content is being presented, that could be at the same time. Students are asked to follow the schedule as they would in a normal school setting.

    • Teachers are also NOT required to host Google Meets (online sessions) during those periods, if they do they will host during these times for these periods.  

    • Teachers/Staff may also hold office hour check-in sessions with students using Google Meets during Tutorial periods, however students may be asked to be in other sessions as well, and therefore students will make the choice of where to attend; similar to how tutorials and after school works.

    • We are not taking official attendance, but will keep notes on which students we are not engaging in an effort to check in on them and their well being.

    • Attendance to all sessions is highly encouraged for continued learning in Quarter 4 and connection to peers for students. 

    • Students are expected to follow the guidelines found in the  Franklin High School Distance Learning Behavior Expectations


    Tutorials- (Monday -Thursday 12-1pm & Friday 9-11:10am) 

    During tutorial times, students could be:

    • Working on teacher assigned assignments/projects

    • Participating in a virtual check-ins with a teacher or staff member

    • Virtually attending office hours with teachers

    • Collaborate with classmates on classwork virtually

    April 13 - June 5 - Distance Learning Definitions & Details- UPDATE


    Distance Learning April 6-10

    Definitions & Details 

    Distance Learning 

    Learning will be formative, summative and built upon making connections to learning targets. New content can be introduced and assessed for a summative grade. Learning will be both asynchronous and synchronous.  There will be deadlines and timelines given to students for work completion. Grace will be extended to students to accommodate extenuating circumstances. 


    Feedback given by the teacher that supports learning and builds on the individual student’s work and learning gaps.

    Summative Assessment

    This is when teachers look at student work and give it a grade. 


    Instruction and learning that is independent, on the student’s own time. Learning can happen at any point in time.


    Instruction and learning are collaborative and may be collective. Teachers will have either whole class meetings, send out videos to watch, or set up conversations with students Google hangouts/meet.

    Credit Recovery

    Credit Recovery is being defined by each teacher, as instruction and individual student needs look different across the building. Students will be able to fill gaps and recover credit as we move through this process. 


    Students will be able to interact with teachers via email, voice conversation and text messages through the Remind application, and Google applications including: Google Meet, Google Voice, or Google Classroom.