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BS in Political Science from Boise State University Master of Arts in Teaching from Concordia University with endorsements in Basic and Advanced Math

Kelly Andrews-Denney

Given the information we have right now, we will pick up all classes where they left off. If you or your family is struggling with food insecurity or other issues during this difficult time, please see the FHS Resources site.

AP Statistics students- if the closure extends beyond April 1st, we will need to continue online in order to complete the material and review prior to the AP exam. 


My name is Kelly Andrews-Denney and I've been teaching Math at Franklin High School since 2007. I started with a group of 8th graders who had been moved up to Franklin early when Kellogg Middle School closed. I've taught 8th grade math (just that year), Algebra 1-2, Geometry, Algebra 3-4, and AP Statistics. I've been teaching Algebra 3-4 and AP Stats the last couple years.

I also met my husband, Kevin Denney, when I started at Franklin. We have two kids now, and along with all of our students, they keep us pretty busy! I play volleyball once a week on a co-ed team that I've been playing with for about 15 years (a few years off for injuries and to have babies). 

My goal as a teacher is to help every student reach their full potential in math. I know many kids have had bad experiences in math and consider themselves to be chronically "bad at math." I believe that all students can succeed, even if some have to work harder than others. I do my best to keep my website up to date and post assignments, notes, and videos. This is not meant to be a substitute for being in class; there are simply experiences you cannot have online. However, when students are sick or have other issues come up the videos and online materials can help keep them from falling behind.

The videos I post can be found on the Andrews Algebra YouTube channel. I will try to get them posted on the website as well, but once they are uploaded, they're easy enough to find. The names of the videos used to correspond to the section and names of the worksheets, but the order has been changed this year and I haven't fixed them yet.

Please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns!

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