• Woodstock School Supplies 2023-2024

    This year, Woodstock Elementary is NOT requiring families to purchase school supplies. We've collected and consolidated all of our surplus supplies and plan to purchase any other needed supplies with our school funds.
    We understand that the school supply shopping experience can be fun for some families, but we are focusing on creating an equitable school experience for all families. 
    However, as school funding is always challenging and we understand there is an interest in our community to donate to the school supply fund, we are providing an opportunity for families, at their discretion, to make a contribution. Based on the previous school supply lists at Woodstock Elementary, the K-5 average cost for school supplies per student is approximately $30.00.
    If you’d like to make a donation for your own child(ren) or for additional students at Woodstock, you can submit your contribution through the School Pay here.