Career Planning

  • It is our goal to expose all students to career options and provide opportunities to explore career pathways and  areas of interest. Through career-related learning experiences (CRLEs), students develop their plans for post-secondary opportunities. We work with partners in the community and local businesses to create learning experiences that are meaningful and worthwhile. For a robust list of career exploration resources and upcoming CRLEs, check out this site.
    Career-related learning experiences are structured educational experiences that connect learning to the world beyond the classroom.

    Some examples of CRLEs are:

    • Guest speakers
    • Field trips
    • Job Shadows
    • Mock and information interviews
    • Internships
    • Service Learning
    • Project-based learning
    • Work Experience

    Please see a more detailed explanation of CRLEs on the Personalized Learning Diploma Requirements webpage

     Other places to find career opportunities

    • CCC bulletin board
    • Come visit us in the College and Career Center in Rm 213

    For any career-related questions, please connect with career coordinator Kenneth DeWeese, at