11th Grade Timeline

  • Junior Year

    Summer Reading List

    Tips to maximize your junior year!



    • Financial Aid Night—Understanding the difference between merit based, need based, loans, and grants. Attend with your parents.
    • Receive and review your PSAT results. Look at the types of questions you answered correctly vs. incorrectly. Go to http://www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/psat/about.html for more information.
    • Have you taken advantage of a Career Related Learning Experience (CRLE)? See Kate Morgan in the College and Career Center for more information!


    • Did you know that when you apply to college during your senior year you will most likely apply with your 6th-semester transcript? Start preparing for your final exams now! These grades are very important.


    • Set a personal, academic, and post-secondary goal for second semester. Do you need to set aside 60 minutes a week to prepare for the ACT in April? Should you spend more time researching colleges? Spend some time thinking about the steps you need to take to finish your junior year with strength! The choices and decisions you make now will help you prepare for your future.
    • Your prospective college list should be growing! Make sure you understand the requirements for each school (courses, testing, letters of recommendation, etc).
    • Forecasting! Your final year as a Trojan is just around the corner. What classes do you need to take to fulfill your graduation requirements? College admissions requirements?


      • Register to take the SAT in May or June
      • Traveling during spring vacation? See if you can fit a college visit in your trip


    • ACT at Wilson. Make sure you set aside time to prepare for this exam! This counts as a college entrance exam! http://www.act.org


    • AP exams, SAT exams
    • Begin to prepare for finals
    • What are your plans for summer? Work, volunteer, and attend enrichment programs. They are all excellent ways to strengthen your skills and gain excellent first-hand experience. Connect with Kate Morgan in the College and Career Center for opportunities.

    Tip Sheet college fair questions

    college handbook for juniors