• General Inter-District Transfer Information

    Students who live in the boundaries of other school districts may request transfer into PPS schools, and students who live in the PPS district may ask for permission to attend schools in other districts. There are state laws that govern the inter-district transfer process. Generally, transfer decisions are made in the spring for the following school year.

    Students who move during the school year to a home located in a different school district do not need permission to remain in their current school through the end of the year. However, they do need to be receive both a release from their new resident district and approval from their current district in order for the transfer to extend to the next school year. Students who wish to transfer to a different district for the first time must also receive permission from both districts.

    There is an exception for districts that follow a law called Open Enrollment. In these cases, students do not need to receive permission from the district they live in to transfer to an Open Enrollment district. PPS will not participate in Open Enrollment for the 2017-18 school year.

    Permission for standard transfer in or out of a school district is decided based on priorities decided by district school boards, space availability and random lottery numbers. There is usually a set timeframe for applying for inter-district transfers, and late applications can be denied. PPS application timelines are posted on this website.

    Releases out of a district are always good through 12th grade. Transfers into PPS remain in effect through the highest grade of the approved school. For example, if a child is given permission to attend a K-5 school beginning in 1st grade, the family does not have to ask again to remain in that school, but does need to make a new request to attend a PPS school for 6th grade. Transfers can be revoked if a student does not meet attendance or behavior standards, and families always have the right to return to their home school in their resident district.

    Inter-district transfer laws are complex and have changed considerably over the past several years. Feel free to call the Enrollment and Transfer Center at any time to learn how current rules apply to your particular circumstance.

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