• Extended School Year Re-Scheduling Process 


    In February the District Board added additional days to the school year.  The extension of the school year impacts previously planned and scheduled field trips that traditionally happen the last few days of school.   This webpage provides transparency and accountability for the re-scheduling of these trips.

    After a number of school closures due to inclement weather (aka snow days) the District Board votes to extend the regular school year to make up for lost educational days. 

    Many schools have field trips scheduled during the last week of school.  Transportation processes all trips in received-by-date order as we are limited to a handful of prime time buses (8 in the AM, 3 in the PM) and an unknown supply of non-prime time buses. 

    Traditionally once the decision is made to extend the school year our school partners have either rushed to re-schedule or forgotten to re-schedule their end of year field trips.  The schools that forget to re-schedule their trips have issues.  The schools that rush to re-schedule their trips often take limited capacity that should have gone to schools that were first in line because they originally submitted in a timely manner.  Further, the number of buses available during the re-schedule may be diminished by other trips that had already been scheduled by other Districts or PPS “summer” programs.  It is entirely possible that we cannot accommodate all the originally scheduled field trips.  Finally, in the cloud to re-schedule the trips we often have duplicate trips scheduled and extra trips not properly canceled. 

    All these conditions lead to poor customer service, canceled trips, huge over-run costs, and endless hours of wasted school, transportation, and contractor staffing. 

    This process aims to address these issues.  We propose to manage this re-scheduling process proactively.  The goal is to provide a reproducible, transparent, and fair process for re-scheduling trips; reduce duplicate trips; minimize logistics re-work by all;  and maximize available contractor fleets that may currently be under-utilized. 



    Stakeholders are being contacted via the FieldTrips email list serve and trips will be modified by their original submittal date order.  The stakeholder will be asked if they want to have their date changed. 

    Each stakeholder will be given 2 business days to respond before the next trip is promoted inline for processing.  With 50 plus daily trips we cannot wait.   



    1. Trips to be moved will be modified by a system administrator (router) to reflect the new date. Blue Slips, or the equivalent, will be sent to the appropriate contractor, as usual.

    2. Requested trips will be approved if a driver slot is available due to rescheduling of older trips.

    If not, then Transportation will begin negotiations with a secondary contractor to cover the trip. 

    If this fails then Transportation will negotiate with the Stakeholder to modify the timing of the original trip so that it may be covered by First Student or a secondary contractor. 

    3. Final communication to the trip requester.


    Trip Processing Order Table

     Trip Table



    PDF version of the Extended School Year Re-Scheduling Process document.