• Wilson High School 2020 Auction

    COVID 19 Update: 3/12/2020



    WHS School Auction

    Join us for our annual school auction at the Mittleman Jewish Community Center on Saturday, May 2nd at 5:00pm.  Dress up for a night finding riches under the stars and stay late for our end of auction dance party.  

    Funds raised will benefit student clubs, teams, and activities, as well as the Wilson Foundation and our Principal's Priority List.

    To purchase tickets go here. Questions? Email wilsonhighauction@gmail.com. 

    Wilson High School 2019 Auction

     Attendees at the Wilson auction on April 2 raised over $20,000 for the Wilson Foundation! If you weren’t able to attend, there’s still time to make a contribution to help raise money to hire additional teachers, decreasing class size, increasing class choices, and creating more opportunities to succeed for all Wilson students.

    At the Auction, four Wilson students shared their personal and inspiring stories of why the connections between students and teachers matter more than just learning content and getting a grade. You can watch sophomore Emma Laboe’s speech here, and then head over and make a donation at https://allhandsraised.org/donate/ (select Wilson as your recipient). Thank you so much for your support!

    2019 Auction Online!

    On behalf of the Wilson Foundation, Boosters and PTA, and the many clubs, teams, and organizations who contributed to the 2019 Be a Hero for Wilson Auction, Thank You!
    The Wilson Auction is unique in the support it provides not just for staffing via the Foundation Paddle Raise, but for the many pieces that make Wilson High School the special place it is.  Via the auction, any club or sport, no matter the size or type, may participate in fundraising while providing goods or services to our community. For every item purchased, you are providing value for our students and school.  

    The auction continues online. Take a look at the catalogue for items available for purchase online, including gift cards and the popular party board experiences.  At this time, anyone in our community can log in to our auction catalog and select items or experiences while supporting Wilson.  Please take a moment now to log in and peruse the offerings!  

    Thank You!

    We would also like to extend heartfelt thanks to everyone who donated their time and efforts toward making this event such a success.  This includes a special call out to the 2019 Co-Chairs, Erica Meyers and Deb Cox, for all their efforts.   We are seeking chairpersons for the 2020 auction—please contact Erica or Deb for details.

    This event would not have been possible without the time and effort of many individuals, including, but not limited to: 
    Erica Meyers and Deb Cox,  Auction Co-Chairpersons
    Wilson Foundation Volunteers; Hilary Conway; Kathy Lommen
    Wilson PTA Volunteers; Jessica Christiansen; Dixie Menaker; Michael Ruenert
    Wilson Booster Club Volunteers; Ruth White
    Procurement Volunteers from Wilson Teams and Clubs; Mike Nolan
    Charli Nesbitt, Emcee
    Martin Douglass, Graphic Design and Logo
    A/V and Music:  Bruce McCleave, Deb Cox
    Lorrie Biggs, Volunteer Coordinator
    Silent Auction Team:  Rosita Bromley, Shannon Van Horn, Kari McGee, Kari Smith-Haight
    Wine Wall: Jessica Christensen, Brandi and Karl Lisle, Kristi Baack, Melissa Thompson
    Dessert Dash: Phyllis Snyder and Drama Volunteers
    All-Around Technical Guru:  Jessica Christensen
    Party Boards and Much More:  Valeurie Friedman
    Shawna Park, Décor Lead
    Décor Volunteers: Leanne Van Horn, Rizza McWhorter, Jill Martini, Cathie Pedersen, Karen Drensky, Adrien Holloway, Sharon Porter
    Silent Auction Setup:  Kari McGee, Shannon VanHorn, Alice Forbes, K. Knewtson, Hilary Conway
    Check-In Helpers: Ellen Singer, Karen Coodley, Amy Blumenberg
    Parking Attendants:  Carol Schmidt, Tim Davis
    Auction Runners, Spotters and Helpers:  Nick Caldwell, Chris Potter, Kim DeNeffe, Amy Blumenberg, Kate Eyberg, Elizabeth Graff, Hilary Conway, Tania Giger, Kristi Baack, Leigh Allen, Trevor Allen
    Student Slideshow:  Deb Cox; photo credits to Wilson Yearbook Students and various donors

    Special Thanks to our Venue, Catering and Software:
    PDX Sports Center and Staff             
    Eric Hern, Auctioneer
    Food Front Catering 
    Elephant’s Deli Catering                        
    Roger Devine, Tofino Software
    Peter Corvallis, Rentals


    auction poster

    That Wilson 70’s Show, Wilson Auction 2018
    5:00 pm, Saturday, April 21, 2018
    PDX Sports Center, 8785 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy
    70's Theme:  come as the Disco Queen or Funk Soul King you always wanted to be! Bring your dancing shoes for the after-party.

    Tickets include dinner and two drinks and an evening full of Wilson community spirit!

    The auction raises funds to support clubs, sports, academic programs, and staffing. Come for great deals, come for the company, come for the fun! 


    Thank you to everyone who attended our Auction.  The paddle raise to benefit  WHS Foundation set a record with $51,000 in donations!

    The 2018 Wilson High School Online Auction has opened.  You have until May 4th to make your bid.  There really is something for everyone in the online auction.  Pay special attention to the sign up parties:  Brats and Brew, Tapas and Trivia, Southern Micro Farm Dinner, and a Football Tailgater Cocktail Event.  Plus gift cards, college counseling and tutoring services and more.  But everything is limited so don’t miss out, go to the catalog now at https://wilson.schoolauction.net/auction2018/catalog

    Remember, all the money you spend goes to support Wilson: clubs, teams, student activities, Wilson Foundation, classroom technology, and more.
    Thanks for your support!

    The 2018 Auction Committee



    Auction 2017 A Huge Success!

    auction logo Thank you to everyone who made our auction the most successful ever for Wilson High School! Over 300 guests helped us earn $110,000 for the Wilson Foundation, student clubs and teams, the Art Department, the College & Career Center, and classroom technology, among others.

    The auction would not have happened without the many hours of hard work put it in by our many volunteers and sponsors from the community. Thanks to the following:

    Betsy Kauffman, MC
    Jessica and Trent More, PDX Sports Center
    Roger Devine, SchoolAuction.net
    Jeff and Kath Axline, Symbiosis Printing
    OnPoint Community Credit Union
    David Rose, John Schulte, Julia Taylor (student speaker)

    Auction Committee:
    Roger Devine, Erica Meyers, Valeurie Friedman, Jessica More, Jean Hinkley, Kari Smith Haight, Kathy Spencer, Rosita Bromley, Melissa Rubin, Lisa Sloan, Hilary Conway, Meagan Tuhy

    Event Volunteers:
    Mary Bessette, Amy Blumenberg, Keith Brown, Jennifer Cleary, Joe Conway, Karen Coodley, Deb Cox, Emily Decarlo, Walker Devine, Shannan Fasold, Laura Foran, Estelle Gilbert, Adam Grimshaw, Tony Hansen, Sandy Herrle-Hartzog, Michelle Holmes, Brenda Jamsgard, Kendall Kic, Matt Laas, Sarabeth Leitch, Sarah LeMier, Elsa and Emile Lemoine, Erika Luther, Shanie Mason, Dina Nieri, Cathy Petrecca, Vincent Pimont, Michael Pinney, Curtis Roth, Kathy Russo, Ursula Schwantag, Rosemary Schwimmer, Noel Springer, Lisa Sloan Strom, Doria Stellmacher, Hang Taylor, Janet Tingey, Katie Unflat, Leanne Van Horn, Kathy Weeks, Heidi Worden

    Dessert Donations:
    Kathy Alverez, Carla Asplund, June Bremmer, Keith Brown, Mary Jo Cohen , Kim DeNeffe, Georgea Edwards, Julie Fleming, Sheila Kendall, Kim Meyers, Kelly Milford, Kate Morgan, Lisa Nelson, Charli Nesbitt, Diana O’Connell, Teresa Panet-Raymond, Teri Price, Melissa Rubin, Jenn Satalino, Carole Schmidt-Davis, Ava Schnoll, Mary Scriven, Sue Stahl, Joan Stein, Collin Trummel, Katie Unflat, Linda Venti, Kathryn Wolff, Crissy Woodland, Heidi Worden