Equity Professional Development

  • Our Racial Educational Equity Policy states that "all staff and students shall be given the opportunity to understand racial identity, and the impact of their own racial identity on themselves and others."

    We believe that if every employee is racially conscious and culturally responsive, then every staff member will exhibit the knowledge, attitudes, skills and practice to interrupt institutionalized racism and better meet the unique needs of students, families and staff of color.

    The purpose of equity professional development is to close the racial achievement gap while increasing achievement for all students. Through professional development and onsite coaching, we collaborate with employees, families and community partners to transform practice. 



Equity PD


School Professional Development
Cynthia Macleod
Assistant Director, Equity Professional Development
(503) 916-2000 ext. 74278
Regina Sackrider
Program Administrator, Equity/CARE
(503) 916-3103 (o) (503) 971-271-2225 (c)
Krysti Vang
Senior Administrative Secretary
Central Office Professional Development
Phu Dao
Senior Equity Manager
(503) 916-3325
Matti Girardi
Senior Equity Manager
(503) 916-3352