• AP Art History Summer Assignment
    Ms. Suehiro, Room 129
    Due: The first day class meets

    Welcome to AP Art History! This year we will study the history of human-creativity from the beginning of time to the present day. This is a demanding, college-level course and we will be covering a great deal of content in a very short amount of time. In order to pique your interest and to keep your senses from becoming dull over the summer, I would like you to complete the following assignment which will count toward your Semester One grade. I will be forthright about this: the AP Art History course requires not only critical thinking and visual analysis skills, but also time for reading and watching flipped content. It is truly the typical college course 1:2 ratio of class time to homework time.

    Getting a Jump Start: There are ten specific(10) areas of study in this course, so once the year starts, we will need every ounce of class time. (APAH exam is May 8.) Part of your summer assignment is to familiarize yourself with the discipline and to get into an art historical mindset.

    Upon your return in August, we will work on honing your art analysis skills so you can become more and more comfortable and successful talking and writing about art and architecture through an art historical lens, developing “an understanding of [the] diverse and historical context of architecture, sculpture, painting and other media” (AP Course Description Manual).

    PART A: Due Tuesday, September 5

    1. Read
      1. Handout entitled “A Guide to Writing About Art”
      2. Handout entitled “An Introduction to Art History”
    2. Watch/Read/Listen
      1. Three (3) Lecture Podcasts by Mary McConnell (YouTube)
        Introducing AP Art History: The Artist’s Vision
        Introducing AP Art History: Context
        Introducing AP Art History: Formal Analysis
      2. Khan Academy Content: Introduction to AP Art History
        Start Here - VIDEOS and TEXT
        Optional but Recommended
        Introduction to Cultures and Religions
    3. Write a 2-3 page paper (double-spaced) Short paper responding to the following prompts:
      • What did you find most interesting in the reading? Why?
      • How did what you learned in reading and watching the content connect with prior knowledge?
      • Which artwork/s discussed in the lectures would you like to learn more about? Why?
      • What aspects of art history do you think will be most challenging for you?
      • What aspects do think you will most enjoy?

    PART B: (Complete before you do Part C)
    Visit a museum either in Oregon or anywhere you go this summer or visit an area where you might find distinctive architectural styles. (Bring student ID for discounts)

    Here are some options:

    Oregon Art Museums
    Coos Art Museum (Coos Bay)
    Four Rivers Cultural Center and Museum (Ontario)
    Grants Pass Art Museum
    The High Desert Museum (Bend)
    Museum of Contemporary Craft (Portland)
    Portland Art Museum
    Portland Institute for Contemporary Art
    Oregon Historical Society (Portland)
    Springfield Museum

    University Art Museums and Art Galleries in Oregon
    Hallie Ford Museum of Art (Willamette University, Salem)
    Photography at Oregon (U of O, Eugene)
    Schneider Museum of Art - Southern Oregon University (Ashland)
    Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art (U of O, Eugene)
    The Wiseman Gallery (Rogue Community College, Grants Pass)

    MAX Line Art
    Downtown Portland
    If you are visiting another city or country, look at various architectural styles

    National Monuments
    Art and craft of indigenous cultures

    Science and Natural History Museums

    Churches/Museums/Spiritual Spaces
    Observe the grounds, the building, the purpose of space, how people move about, etc.

    Airport Art
    If you are traveling by air, these transitional spaces often include exhibits

    PART C: Early Due Date! Tuesday, August 25

    1. Summer Email: Ms. Suehiro’s email is jsuehiro@pps.net.
      - Tell me about yourself. What are your interests, hobbies, goals, favorite or not-so-favorite subjects. What is your favorite food? Where are you from? How do you identify? What pronouns do you use (I use she, her, hers) Do you have siblings? What are your plans for the summer? What worries you? Do you have any questions about the course? - In addition, tell me about the museum/s or architecture or exhibits you visited this summer.
    2. Sign up for REMIND. This is a great way to receive text message reminders from me. It is secure. I don’t know your phone number and you won’t see mine.

    Want even more info? Visit the course description page for AP Art History at AP Central. Have a great summer! Email if you have a question. I am looking forward to meeting you next school
    Ms. Suehiro :)