Volunteer Chaperones

  • Student and staff safety is the most important consideration when planning, conducting and supervising field trips.  Per Administrative Directive 5.10.141, "In order to promote safety, all volunteers are presumed to have the potential to have direct, unsupervised contact with students and MUST undergo criminal history verification every three (3) years, which will be conducted by Security Services or an approved agency designated by Security Services..."  Individuals who have not had their criminal history verified by Security Services, or their approval has expired, are not allowed to volunteer until such time as their background check has been completed/ approved.  

    In accordance with Administrative Directive 6.50.011:

    • Principals must approve all parents/ volunteers and confirm that each one with unsupervised student contact has successfully cleared the criminal history verification process.
    • If volunteers are driving, principals must confirm that each driver has met the appropriate automobile license and insurance requirements.  It is highly recommended that each driver carry a cell phone with a hands-free device.

    Trip leaders are required to provide volunteer background check approval expiration dates on the field trip request form for ALL parent/ volunteer chaperones participating in the named field trip.  

    Information about volunteer background checks and a link to the online form may be found on the District's Volunteer page.  Once complete, approvals are valid for three (3) years.  

    PPS school administrators and secretaries will need to log into the volunteer database in Raptor to verify approvals of their volunteer chaperones.  You may log in from your computer to check if volunteer chaperones are approved and current, using the following link:  https://apps.raptortech.com

    If you have not created an account on Raptor yet, click "Forgot Password" and enter your PPS email as your username; Raptor will email you a link to log in and create your password.  All new users should take the 30 minute Pepper training:  Raptor Visitor/ Volunteer Sign In/ Out System - PSPE1001

    If a volunteer's background check approval has expired or they have yet to apply, they will need to apply at www.pps.net/volunteer, preferably 30 days prior to the field trip/ volunteer activity.  Requests to expedite volunteer background checks should be sent by a school administrator or secretary to Security Services at (503) 916-3000 or via email at securityservices@pps.net

    Volunteers are not permitted to bring their spouses (unless they too are approved chaperones for the trip), children (other than participating students), relatives, friends or pets on field trips.  

Mandatory Volunteer Training

  • All volunteer applicants are required to review the Mandatory Volunteer Training and agree to adhere to all of the requirements. Please use the link to the volunteer page for more information:  

    Link to Volunteer page - Click Here