• Modes of Travel

    When scheduling air travel, hotels, etc. for your field trip, please contact the Travel Desk at (503) 916-3378 or traveldesk@pps.net to discuss options.  We recommend you review the Travel Resources webpage.

    You will need to be familiar with section V of the Field Trip Administrative Directive, 6.50.011-AD; the AD speaks to transportation requirements.  Please become familiar with our website on transporting students; however, Risk Management is always available to provide additional clarification as needed.

    Per the Oregon Department of Education (ODE):  Students may be transported in two types of vehicles: (1) a school bus, which meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS); and (2) a vehicle with a seating capacity of 10 or less including the driver. Passenger vans designed by the manufacturer to seat more than 10 (such as a 12 or 15 passenger van) would not meet either one of these conditions. 

    ODE deems commercial transportation carriers as Special Pupil Activity Buses (SPAB).  ODE's approved list of SPAB carriers can be found here:  https://www.oregon.gov/ode/schools-and-districts/ptf/Documents/approved-spab-carriers.pdf

    Standard School Buses             Buses

    When requesting a field trip bus, please complete the Approval to Plan a Field Trip form at least three (3) weeks before you need the bus. Give the completed request form to your Principal's Secretary for entry into the TripTracker Requests System.  The Principal's Secretary must enter the trip request at least 10 working days prior to the date of the field trip; 30 days for wilderness and/or overnight trips; 90 days for international trips. 

    A request entered into the TripTracker Requests system isn't a guarantee of a scheduled trip.  It is only the start of Student Transportation's process to determine if there are buses and drivers available for the requested date(s) and time(s).  

    New in 2017-18 is the ability to give all PPS teachers and administrators access to review all trips that have been scheduled.  Click here to read how to enable your PPS account to view your trips:  TripTracker- Overview & FAQ for Instructors & Administrators

    You may direct questions to Student Transportation at (503) 916-6901.  

    Type-10 (Athletics) Vans    Suburban

    Yellow bus transportation is not available for all events that occur within PPS.  To provide additional transportation (when possible) PPS purchased and operates a fleet of “Type-10” vehicles available for use by approved PPS employees.  Type-10 vehicles are standard vehicles that have a maximum occupancy of 10 (including the driver).  The use of these vehicles is allowed by the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) and PPS, provided drivers are properly trained and certified to drive them. Please read the Team Transportation Administrative Directive, 3.50.090-AD.

    In order to drive student-athletes, the coach/ PPS employee must be approved by both PPS and ODE before getting behind the wheel.  The requirements for approval are as follows:

    • Valid, Current first aid card
    • Valid, Current driver’s license
    • Participated in the required Type-10 training program given by PPS via Student Transportation Services
    • Approved in writing to drive Type-10 vehicles by ODE

    All of the above steps are required to drive a PPS Type-10 vehicle.  Failure to meet these requirements before driving can result in the loss of driving privileges for the driver, the loss of vehicle use by the school or program, and/or fines from ODE for failing to meet their requirements. There are no exceptions.  Type-10 driver training schedule (click here).

    Private Vehicles           Sedan          Minivan

    Principals may authorized staff members and adult volunteers to use private vehicles to transport students on field trips (not regularly scheduled classes off-campus) or on other school activities, provided:

    • The school administrator has approved the activity, and the staff driver or adult volunteer of the private vehicle has knowledge of the automobile's safety equipment.  A safety belt and/ or a booster seat (if applicable) must be available for and used by each passenger.
    • A permission slip signed by the student's parent/ guardian has been received by the principal or his/ her designee granting permission for the student to participate in the field trip and to ride in a private vehicle.
    • The staff member or adult volunteer is properly licensed to drive, has the minimum insurance mandated by the State of Oregon, will operate the vehicle according to the Oregon Motor Vehicle Code and is in compliance with other District requirements.
    • The District provides excess automobile liability insurance for staff members and adult volunteers driving private vehicles on field trips.  This insurance is for liability coverage only and is in excess of any other insurance.
    • Drivers who are not District staff must have a criminal records check.  Drivers must agree to comply with all District policies, including refraining from smoking, and use of alcohol and drugs.  Drivers must have a current volunteer background check on file with Security Services.
    • Students, even those 18 and older, may not participate as field trip drivers.  With administrative and written parental permission, students with valid driver licenses may drive themselves to and from a field trip location.
    • In no circumstances shall a student who is not the child of the driver be alone in the car with the driver (i.e. there must be at least two students in each car).
    • Per the Oregon Department of Transportation, all drivers must be no less than 18 years of age.


    When the mode of travel for your field trip is a private vehicle, please complete the Driver/ Vehicle Qualification Form for each driver.  Wilderness/ Overnight field trip documents will require providing the make, model, and seating capacity of each vehicle being used on the trip.  

    All "Driver/Vehicle Qualification" forms must include copies of the following:

    • A current, valid Driver License for the named driver, and
    • A current, valid declaration page of the named driver's personal auto insurance policy.

    Information for volunteers must be kept on file at the school for one (1) year.  Information for PPS staff must be sent to the Risk Management office for filing; we recommend scanning and emailing to riskcomp@pps.net.