• Standard Day Field Trips (forms below):

    • A school-sponsored academic activity in which school personnel and students leave and return to the school grounds by commercial or private transportation during the same day.
    • Examples of day field trips include, but are not limited to:  educational resources such as museums, concerts, parks, temporarily available exhibits and displays, films, plays and city/ county/ state governmental enterprises.

    There are day trips that must be submitted as wilderness trips.   Wilderness field trips may include, but are not limited to:  

    • guided water rafting,
    • whale-watching,
    • beach or ocean activities,
    • swimming (recreational swimming is not a standard day field trip)
    • hiking,
    • back-packing,
    • camping,
    • mountain biking,
    • high altitude activities;
    • activities along the Willamette, Columbia or other rivers;
    • challenge courses
    • farms
    • amusement parks (such as Oaks Park)
    • outdoor activities in forested natural areas, such as Portland Parks & Recreation's Forest Park, the Audubon Society, etc. 

    In these cases, guidelines for both kinds of field trips shall be followed and the Wilderness Field Trip forms must be submitted to Risk Management.  It's important to be familiar with the limitations and prohibitions outlined on our main page.  

    Do not hesitate to contact Risk Management if you have questions.

    Standard Day Field Trip Forms (these trips must not include water/ wilderness activities - see above):


    In accordance with the Field Trip Administrative Directive (6.50.011-AD), under the General Requirements, section 13:

    Prior written approval by a parent / guardian is required for student participation on all field trips.  Parent / Guardian approval must be on District field trip forms. No other means of approval is acceptable. Please refer to Section III – Forms in this Administrative Directive.