• Field Trip Request Form for Wilderness-Overnight-International Trips

    (Updated July 31, 2018 - Risk Management will no longer accept outdated versions of this form)


    • Field Trip Request Form (required)

              Wilderness-Overnight-International Trip Request Form 

    • Student Medical Information Form

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    • Parent/ Guardian Permission for Student Travel Within the United States - Overnight and/or Wilderness Trip

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    • Parent/ Guardian Permission for Student Travel - Foreign Travel (use outside continental USA, Including Canada, Mexico, Alaska, and Hawaii)

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    All wilderness, overnight, and international field trips require at least one valid first-aid/ CPR qualified individual.

    We recommend that all trip leaders be familiar with the Volunteer Chaperones and Mode of Transportation information.

    The Field Trip Process Flow Chart will provide guidance on the order in which tasks should be completed within the request process.

    Senior Directors are only required to sign off on documents for international field trips.

    Wilderness Field Trips:

    • Any school-sponsored activity that includes travel to an area inside or outside the Portland metropolitan urban boundaries that may involve especially hazardous activities for which additional administrative approval is necessary.  For the purpose of this directive, wilderness field trips may include, but are not limited to:  guided water rafting, whale-watching trips, beach or ocean activities, swimming, activities along the Willamette, Columbia or other rivers (i.e. all activities within or near a body of water); hiking, back-packing, camping, mountain biking and high altitude activities; outdoor activities in forested natural areas, such as Portland Parks & Recreation's Forest Park, Tryon Creek, the Audubon Society, the High Desert Museum, etc.
    • All out-of-state trips over 150 miles (one-way) from the BESC office.  Mileage will be verified (addresses are required).  Please refer to:  6.50.010 P
    • A wilderness field trip will require specific planning by knowledgeable experts
    • A wilderness field trip may be wilderness and day, wilderness and overnight or wilderness and international.  In these cases, guidelines for both kinds of field trips must be followed
    • All plans for wilderness trips must be approved by Risk Management; many wilderness activities are not permitted or have restrictions/ limitations.  If you have questions regarding these types of trips, contact Risk Management at (503) 916-3204.

    Regarding Willamette Jet Boat trips:  

    • Given the nature of this activity, the Director of Risk Management requires that the following language be included on the parent/guardian permission slips for all jet boat trips:
      • “While considering approval of this experience for your child, parents are encouraged to learn more about the Willamette Jet Boats operation by reviewing the company’s website and participant waiver at www.willamettejet.com. The company can also answer your questions about the jet boat operations at 503-231-1532.”

    Overnight Academic Field Trips:

    • Any school-sponsored academic activity within the United States that lasts one or more nights
    • Examples include, but are not limited to:  regional and national conferences, tours of sites important to American history, state or national development, special exhibits of art and antiquity, fairs, expositions, drama productions, environmentally important sites, performances and non-athletic competitions

    Overnight PIL Sports/ School Curriculum-Related Student Club Field Trips:

    • Applies to any travel by PIL athletic teams for competition beyond the PIL within the United States that lasts one or more nights
    • Staff must follow the guidelines for academic field trips, in addition to applicable Athletic Department policies and procedures
    • PIL sports teams or curriculum-related student clubs participating in state tournaments may not receive sufficient notice of participation to submit trip requests within the time parameters set forth in the AD.  In those cases, schools are to submit the overnight requests as soon as possible with an accompanying explanation of the time constraints
    • For definitions of school curriculum-related student clubs, refer to Administrative Directive, 4.40.050-AD.

    International Field Trips:

    • Any school-sponsored academic activity that takes students beyond the borders of the United States to any other country, including Canada and Mexico
    • International field trips require specific planning by knowledgeable experts and proper student documentation to cross international borders and to re-enter the US
    • At least two (2) adults, including one (1) administrator, must accompany students on an international field trip.  The District may consider a waiver to this procedure.  The school must submit a written request that must be approved in writing by the principal, regional administrator and Risk Management.  Such a waiver request must be submitted as part of the initial field trip application.  The waiver request must cover why a building administrator is not necessary for the trip, how district procedures and rules will be managed during the trip and by whom, and how communication will be maintained during the trip with the building administrator when necessary
    • Principals must state a compelling reasons why a field trip within the borders of the United States cannot provide a similar academic experience


    Parent/ Guardian Approval

    In accordance with the Field Trip Administrative Directive (6.50.011-AD), under the General Requirments, section 13:

    Prior written approval by a parent / guardian is required for student participation on all field trips.  Parent / Guardian approval must be on District field trip forms. No other means of approval is acceptable. Please refer to Section III – Forms in this Administrative Directive.


    A contract is required for:
    • Overnight camps
    • Field trip activities that involve risk to students (e.g., ropes courses or jet boat trips)
    A contract is not required for:
    • Visits to farms, parks, amusement parks, libraries, museums, theaters, and other established venues if the venue does not require its own contract
    • Venue tickets and admission costs
    • Airlines, taxis, or hotels

    Limitations and Restrictions

    Participation in dangerous sports and hazardous activities is prohibited on field trips.  Staff must consult with Risk Management to determine if specific activities are safe and acceptable.

    • Recreational swimming during a field trip is prohibited (including, but not limited to:  motel /hotel/ water park pools, lakes, parks, the ocean) unless appropriate certified lifesaving trained staff are on duty and the activity is supervised at all times by District staff.  
    • Student use of recreational watercraft is prohibited - examples include, but are not limited to:  unguided kayaking, unguided water rafting, inner tubing, jet skiing, motor boating and water-skiing.  
      • Canoeing is permitted when a responsible adult is in each canoe and all students and adults in the canoe are wearing appropriately sized and rated PFD/ life jackets.  State Requirements  
    • Field trips involving commercial watercraft must be cleared through Risk Management to assure the District-approved safety measures are in place.  Licensed and approved jet boat excursions may be allowed if approved by Risk Management.
    • Airbnb rentals are not an approved lodging option.
    • Paintball is not a permitted activity.