• When an employee has a workplace injury they must call our 24/7 Workplace Incident or Injury Reporting Line/ Employee Injury Call Center at 1-844-264-5042; representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We recommend they speak with the registered nurse who will evaluate their incident, and can assist with filing a workers' compensation claim (when needed).  For medical emergencies, call 911. Employees no longer complete an online employee accident report using the PPS website.  Please utilize the call center to formally report workplace incidents, even if no medical treatment is necessary (please select option 2 when you call).

    Risk Management requires that employees notify their supervisor immediately whenever they have suffered an injury/ illness on-the-job, have sustained damage to a prosthetic device or prescription glasses as a result of an incident at work, or have been involved in a motor vehicle accident while on-the-job. 
    Reporting a workplace incident or injury does not necessarily result in the filing of a workers' compensation claim.  If you did not sustain injuries or do not require medical treatment, a workers' compensation claim may not be necessary.  When you call the reporting line, we recommend you select option 2 if you do not require medical care and only wish to report the incident (no claim will be filed).  If you have any questions about this process, please do not hesitate to contact the Risk Management department for assistance. 
    Should you require medical treatment as a result of an on-the-job injury or illness, please make sure to let the medical provider know that this is a work-related claim. Once they know that you are filing for workers' compensation benefits they should bill the workers' compensation claim, not your private medical insurance.  Please print the Letter to Doctor form to provide to any medical provider you receive treatment from; this form will provide their office with the appropriate contact and billing information for your  WC claim. During your initial visit, please complete a Form 827 and request a release to return to work form be completed on your behalf.  If your injury required medical treatment, you will need to complete and sign a Form 801;  however, this form will be provided to you via email by the Risk Management office once your claim has been reported.
    When an employee reports an injury/ illness using the 24/7 Employee Injury Call Center, but did not initially seek medical treatment and then obtains treatment at a later date:  the employee must call the Risk Management department immediately following receipt of medical treatment. Additional information will be needed to convert the accident report to a claim.  
    In situations where there has been bodily fluid/ bloodborne pathogen exposure, please immediately wash the site with soap and water for 1-2 minutes and/or flush eye/nose/mouth for 10 minutes with running water (remove contacts).  You must contact the MESD Nurse Consultant at (503) 254-1732.  Notify your supervisor the same day/time.  Please see the links provided under "Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Information" on our Forms & Links page for additional guidance. We also request that you call the 24/7 Workplace Incident or Injury Reportling Line mentioned above.  For our records, please scan and email a copy of the completed Form 7 to Risk Management at
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