• Richmond Elementary Homework Policy

    Grade /Daily Time Expectations

    Key Homework Activities

    For kindergarten, parents and students should expect to spend 15 minutes a night.

    English: Read together for 10 minutes most nights and record on Reading Log. Math “Home Connections” twice monthly. First Friday of each month a family art project.

    No formal Japanese homework. You are encouraged to participate in Japanese cultural events.

    For 1st grade, parents and students should expect to spend no more than 15 minutes per night for homework plus read for 10-15 minutes.

    Japanese: Sent on M/W/F, due the next day. Complete the letter tracing homework page and read the words and sentences students practiced in class that day. (5-10 minutes)

    English: Sent on Mondays, due the following Monday. Menu format and students choose 4 items to complete during the week. Each choice should take between 5-10 minutes.

    Read to or with someone for 10-15 minutes per night.

    For 2nd grade, parents and students should expect to spend about twenty minutes a night, on average.

    Japanese: Packets sent home on Thursdays, due Wednesdays. Packet includes reading, writing, and math. Reading aloud (including explanation) should take appx 7-8mins. Writing/Math 7-8mins each night.  

    English: Daily reading and assorted handouts, typically math. Practice spelling words at home, if possible.   

    For 3rd grade, parents and students should expect to spend 20 minutes  5 x per week working on homework in Japanese and 30 minutes 3 x per week on homework in English.

    Japanese: Maximum 20 minutes  5 x per week (100 minutes per week). Four Components: Reading- differentiated ● Comprehension- differentiated ● Kanji 1 or 2 pages ● Math practice page

    English: Maximum 30 minutes Differentiated  - 3 X per week (90 minutes per week); 190 minutes per week combined total; 27 minutes per day for both Japanese and English. Alternating with Reading ● Writing ● Math ● Science/Social Studies ● Cross curricular

    Homework is used as a resource for classroom learning and as an at home resource. It should be achievable, children/parents are encouraged to ask for help, and modifications are made when needed.

    For 4th grade, parents and students should expect to spend 30 minutes a day on average.

    Japanese: homework packet (reading text and kanji practice) will go home on Thursdays, due on Wednesdays, unfinished classwork

    English: read daily 20+ minutes daily, multiplication practice, long-term projects, unfinished classwork

    For 5th grade, parents and students should expect to spend 40 minutes a day.

    Japanese: 20 minutes homework (Kanji, reading - once a day, 5 times a week, writing, etc.)

    Packet will go home on Thursdays and is due on Wednesdays.

    English: read or write for 20 minutes a day 5 times a week. Occasional projects or unfinished classwork may be assigned.