Site Council

  • Presenting our NEW SITE COUNCIL MEMBERS!!site council logo

    Tim Graham, Social Studies Instructional Leader

    Samia Estassi, Math IL

    Brian Fain, Science IL

    Jamie Incorvia, Language Arts IL

    Gary Riler, Fine and Performing Arts IL

    Vanessa Hughes, CTE IL

    Susan Douglas, World Languages IL

    Bren Trask and Sean Murray, Co-Special Education IL’s

    Gaye Chapman, Health/PE IL

    Karen Dean, Book Room Clerk


    Julie Rierson, VP

    Darryl Miles, VP

    New, VP

    Ayesha Freeman, Principal


    Jennifer Wiandt, IB Coordinator

    Susan Brighouse, 9th Grade Academies Coordinator


    Ann Su, Parent

    Louise McHarris, Parent

    Trell Anderson, Parent

    Krystin Rose, Parent


    John Pender, 12th grader

    AB Osman, 12th grader

    Maruerita McBride, 12th grader

    Anika Becker, 11thgrader



    Site Council Meeting (April 2018)

    Site Council 4/18/18   3:41 start

    Jan Watt, Eric Mirsepressi, Sara Hardy, Ayesha Freeman, Bren Trask, Michael Fried, Clair Million, Lauren Boubel, Lori Butler

    Minutes accepted as amended with attendance added.

    Class Cabinet conversation: Jan historical conversation Eric conversation about current times.  “Criteria P and VP student need to be in the leadership class for one year. This may limit the access”

    Article 6 Student Body Constitution (the students wrote the constitution)

    Sec 4 must be members of the senior class and have one year of junior/senior leadership class. And enrolled in their senior year….

    A student constitution we as adults we didn’t write it 2016 amended the constitution.  The original look at that was student based. It took them 6 months to look over it took things out that were not relevant.  Created by a committee of student leaders that represented each class and executive council.

    The rational “im a great writer I should be the editor…” (Jan Watt)

    These students have to make decisions. Leadership class is where the training comes.  What does student government do? The leadership class is how this is learned and experienced currently.

    Leadership class: fill out an application/leadership skill building/body that is the driving force.

    Executive council: All elected. Student body and class elected Eric and Jan (a way to check in with each class, it is student run meeting. Monthly meetings

    The student body president and vp are the liason to the leadership class, as they are in the leadership class.

    Ayesha would like to come to one of the Executive council meetings with a petition of information.  Eric will invite Ayesha

    Ayesha in other schools the Site council has the President/VP as one of the student reps on the Site Council.  Make it an invite this year for the student body president, The Site council can invite them and then work with the executive council to change the student constitution.  

    How to get more students to know about this.

    Let’s wait and see who the student body president is and then ask them to join the cite council for next year.

    Conversation for next year to talk about CARE leadership and Leadership.

    Parent elections. There are 15 parent applying to be on Site council What information on the form Something to read about themselves and name. Then it goes out to the community please cast your vote on who you would like to be on Site council. They will need to vote by Monday May 14th.


    Classified side of elections. Karen Dean (full time) CJ Watt (half year) Thomas Russell (half year)


    Students: Due by the 4th of May Current only one application. Claire will send out an email to the English Teachers, Ayesha will add it to the Monday Memo.  Sara will send it to the Social Studies teachers so that we can check in with students.

    Principle report:

    Hiring with lots of teacher input.

    New business: Hallways and Hall passes conversation it would be great to talk about it for next year.  How to keep it equitable.

    Agenda item for next meeting help set Site council retreat.



    Next meeting May 16

    Adjourn at 4:37



    Meeting starts at 3:43

    Attendance:  Ayesha Freeman, Claire Milllon,Craig Smith, Bren Trask, Adam Nayak.                                         Michael Fried


    -Election process for parents

                -In the past, parents were represented through PTA

                            -Four parents on site council for next year

    -E-mail to all parents and guardians to ask for four parents to sit on site council next year

                -Ask PTA to encourage people parents to participate

                            -Academy teachers reach out to parents as well

                -DEADLINE for parents who want to sit on site council: Friday, April 13th


    -Election process for students

                -Announcements in the bulletin for the site council elections

                            -Happens on May 9th at the same time as student body elections

                -Bulletin for next week:

    -Seeking four students in grades 10-12 to sit on site council and collaborate once a month during 5th period with parents, teachers, school support staff, and administrators. Site council is the governing body of our school. This is an important place for students to have voice.

               -Ask teachers to encourage students to run for the site council

                            -Video of Adam N. in the bulletin if he is willing


    -Election process for classified staff

                -15 minute long classified on meeting on the teacher planning day to elect folks for site council

                -Concerns about morning meetings for classified staff

                            -Coverage for them?

    Remember to tell all folks it is a two year term


    Class Elections

                -Talk with Eric M. about changing election rule around class presidents having to be in leadership

                -Invite him to the next meeting


    Unit Leader

                -Site council retreat: Wednesday, June 13th to set CAP goals etc.

                            -Shared messaging and marketing our school as a positive place for students for enrollment


    Site Council 12/13/17 meeting

    Site Council

    Meeting 12/13 Start time: 3:45

    Attendance: C.Millon,S. Hardy, H. Nemic, C.Smith, L.Boubell,  M. Fried

    Read notes from November site council meeting

    Discuss proposal for site council to meet during 1st period next year

    • 2018-2019 school year
    • Encourage more student participation
    • Movement to amend site council minutes for November 15th meeting - change start time to 3:30 and add in date - Nov. 15th


    State testing and opting out

    • Math students opting out of state testing
    • Cleveland’s SBAC math scores were very low due to test opt-out
    • Discussion about this item postponed till January’s meeting due to Principal Freeman’s absence from the meeting


    Constitution Bylaws

    • Read through bylaws document for informational purposes
    • Site councils are still mandated and part of the accreditation process
    • Can’t make additional changes to bylaws due to Principal Freeman’s absence


    Meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m


    Site Council 10/18/17 meeting

    Attendance: Ayesha, Roberta Stubbs, Bren Trask, Michael Fried, Claire Millon, Haley Nemec

    Recorder: Bren


    3:38 meeting called to order

    Meeting minutes will be posted in the Site Council folder in the staff lounge

    Vote to accept minutes from last month as written

    Get a Site Council Tab on the website-Chris.


    Comments on the notes from May:

    New requirement coming from the state possible for Seniors to take at least 5 courses

    Possible only one time of TA instead of 3 credits towards graduation of TA.  When given the opportunity to take other types of credits.  Would be good to know if the junior/seniors are taking 6 credits. 100% of students in class 80% of the day.


    Communication device for all groups within in the building. Ie students, teachers, counselors, admin, parents. Meet once a month on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.

    Do students really know that Cite Council is a thing?  Not all the teachers are showing the new bulletin.  


    Site council is a governing body of the school. Believe in a collaborative leadership model. Ayesha’s belief is making sure that she hears many voices before a


    Unit Leaders (11 departments include counselors and admin) Site Councils will need to be elected.  Departments can vote on who the Unit Leader is.  The Unit Leaders would be the ones who sit on the Cite council  (the idea around teaching only 5 of 8 instead of 6 of 8) the Cite Council can meet during the day.  (1st period late arrival for students so they are a part of the whole meeting)  It would be a part of a teacher's work not just volunteering outside the work day.

    Who would be on Cite Council.  Is there a term limit (the departments elect a new if wanted

    1. ALL admin
    2. Unit Leaders
    3. Students
    4. Community Members
    5. Parents


    There is a difference in the District between a Unit Leader and the Department Chair in terms of pay for the extra time.  

    Puts the Department leader in the role of an instructional leader.

    The work to change the Cite council would really happen in the Spring.


    Principal Report: At next Cite council start to look at model of a retreat to build the CAP for the year.  Ayshea would like our input on the 3 goals written for CAP.

    1. 13% of all students are dropping up 215 students are dropping out.  (what should we focus on)

    2. Increase the amount of students taking CTE courses. Hear from students about what types of classes would like. Ie sound engineering, teaching, nursing.

    3. Increase the amount of students who can take course for college credit.  IBHOTA


    Next meeting date:  November 15th 3:30 Room 220

    Recorder:  Claire

    Snacks: Roberta



    Site Council Notes: May 16, 2017

    Attendance: Claire Millon, Kieran Lemeune, Michael Fried, John Golden, Bren Trask, Caroline Diamond, Roberta Stubbs, Craig Smith, Anson Bollinger, Tammy O’Neil, Neil Gibson, Lauren Bobel


    Begins: 3:32


    1. Vote: to accept minutes from last month as written
    2. 2017-18 Site Council student reps: Adam Nyak & Hailey Nemec
    3. Principal’s Report:
      1. Accreditation went just fine
      2. Continuing to work on job assignments - still evolving
      3. Terry Sing back from leave
      4. Looking at graduation and getting credits taken care of
      5. Looking ahead to priorities for summer work
        1. A lot of alignment work
      1. Asked for money to add more classrooms

    .                Turned down from district

    i.                Will use some PTA and Tammy-hoarded money for room 300

    g.            Grad rate? (Craig)

    .                Doesn’t really have a sense of numbers yet

    i.                Not easy to track students who transfer to alternative schools

          1. Need to do a better job here

    h.            Accreditation: areas to improve? (Craig)

    .                Lack of alignment - common in PPS

    i.              Admin for next year? (Michael)

    .                No news yet

          1. Timeline: “by the end of the year” (Yikes!)

    i.                Community meeting better attended

    ii.                VPs anticipated to be the same three

    1. Old Business:

    .              What did we decide about students taking full loads? (Craig)

    .                See notes from last month

    i.                Counseling objective? (John)

          1. Having clear guidance is helpful (Neil)
          2. Try to get students to take no fewer than 6 classes unless push-back from students and/or parents
          3. Policy for freshmen & sophomores has helped
          4. Building direction for juniors & seniors would be helpful

    a.            Adding written policy to handbook would help

    i.                Juniors & Seniors - minimum of 6, unless there are valid exceptions

          1. Motion: Administration to create formally stated policy that has requirement for Fresh/Soph to take 8 classes, Jun/Sen to take 6 classes; to include formal appeal process

     .              Motion carried

          1. How will this be communicated to students? (Michael)

    .              Through counselors in the fall when they come to drop classes

    a.            Will be included in student handbook

    1. New Business:

    .              Vision for instructional specialist next year? (John)

    .                Continuing to support the initiatives by staff, new teachers and professional development (Tammy)

    i.                We shifted some FTE to add a math specialist for next year

    a.            Thanks to Michael for facilitating again this year!!!! (Lauren & all)

    b.            Thanks to all who participate on Site Council! And farewells to those leaving (Michael)


    Ends: 4:21