• Rieke Community Equity group meeting   11/25/19


    Sasha P, Lissa, Jon J, Ian J.


    1. Discussion of early survey results
      1. Expanded diversity of staff
      2. Cultural events
      3. Resources for parents
      4. Art and teaching diversity

    1. Staff diversity
      1. Artists in residence?
      2. New hiring hopefully in spring if more FTE given by PPS
    2. Continue to get more responses to the survey, Jon to continue sending link, add to Facebook, add to the Rapper.

    Sasha-Need to see the real PPS plan RESJ roll out. How do we support this effort in ways that broaden our base. How does this layer with teachers?


    Could we schedule an evening in January? Pick a focus


    Social Justice Education


    Diversifying staff and volunteers


    Action Steps


    Sasha will get Jon resources for inclusion of Rieke web site.

    Jon to work on web site: Background information on PPS and building practices and tools.



    Lissa-Will add question to survey and get to PTA rapper.


    Ian-Talk to Wilson and Gray.


    Keep an eye on boundary discussions.