• 0.10.010-P  Strategic Plan


    The mission of Portland Public Schools is to support all students in achieving their very highest educational and personal potential, to inspire them an enduring love for learning, and prepare them to contribute as citizens of a diverse, multicultural, and international community.

    Core Values

    We believe that:

    • Every human being has intrinsic value.
    • Creating trusting relationships, working together and building on the strengths of our diversity are essential for a strong community.
    • Everyone has the ability to learn.
    • When individuals have equitable and just access to opportunities and have satisfied basic needs, they can realize their full potential and contribute to the community.
    • Involving stakeholders in decision-making leads to better outcomes.
    • Adult behavior is a powerful teacher for young people.
    • Assuming individual and collective responsibility for the choices we make is critical to creating he future we desire.


    Strategic Objectives

    By 2005:

    • 100% of our students will demonstrate significant growth every year toward achieving rigorous system-wide academic expectations.
    • 100% of our students will continually set ambitious learning goals, persist in pursuing those goals, and demonstrate evidence of progress.
    • 100% of our students will willingly and regularly contribute to the community.



    • We will create a system-wide culture that reflects an ethic of service, excellence, and respect.
    • We will create partnerships with stakeholders to achieve our strategic objectives and mission.
    • We will actively select, support and retain employees who contribute to accomplishing the mission and strategic objectives and who reflect the diversity of our students.
    • We will eliminate the achievement disparity of low income children, children of color, and English Language Learners in relation to District Standards.
    • We will, in partnership with stakeholders, monitor, propose, influence, and negotiate legislation and regulations to support implementation of strategic objectives.
    • We will provide the means and flexibility necessary for each school and department to develop and implement a plan that meets the strategic objectives and holds each accountable for its contribution to meeting those objectives.
    • We will adopt system-wide standards for students' achievement of the strategic objectives and he means to assess them at each school.
    • We will not initiate any new program or service unless:
      • It is consistent with and contributes to our mission, and
      • It is accompanied by a plan to assess its effectiveness relative to achieving our strategic objectives and mission.
    • We will not enter into any new agreement unless it is consistent with and contributes to our mission.



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