• NEW District Wide Counseling Priorities

    Beginning in the 2018-19 school year school counselors will be focusing on the following priorities for their comprehensive school counseling programs.

    K-2 Priority

    Each K-2 student will be able to identify emotions & 2 strategies to help them self-regulate.  All students will learn how to solve minor/small problems through restorative practices.


    3rd-5th Grade Priority

    All students will understand and demonstrate skills of upstander behavior in the school, community and online.


    6th - 8th Grade Priority

    Suicide/Self Harm Prevention- All students will receive suicide/self-harm prevention lessons. All students will be able to name 3 adults they can report to.  All students will know the steps of how to support a peer who may be suicidal.


    High School Priorities

    Every 9th/10th grader will understand what a GPA is and develop a GPA goal based upon their high school plan.

    Students will be able to distinguish reasonable stress & anxiety and be equipped with some tools to manage stress & anxiety.