• District Wide Counseling Priorities

    For the 2019-20 school year school counselors will continue to be focusing on the following priorities for their comprehensive school counseling programs.

    Grades K-2

    • Each K-2 student will be able to identify a range of emotions/feelings in themselves and others. Students will be able to choose and apply 1 to 2 regulations/problem-solving tools/strategies.


    Grades 3-5


    • Students will know what bullying is and how to interrupt it.
    • Students will know what empathy is and how to demonstrate it.
    • Students will know the difference between bullying and unkind behavior and will identify three appropriate ways to interrupt both.



    Grades 6-8


    • All students will receive information to recognize the warning signs of suicidal thoughts and how to access support for themselves or others.



    High School Priorities


    HS GPA Priority

    Every 9th/10th grader will create a GPA goal connected to their current post-secondary plan.


    HS Anxiety Priority

    Students will be able to distinguish how stress and anxiety show up in life behaviors and manifests avoidance.  They will be equipped with the tools to cope with stress, decrease avoidant behaviors, and re-engage. Empower stakeholders with common language and tools to support anxiety inside and outside the classroom.