• Tier I

    School Climate 

    The Culturally Responsive Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (CRPBIS) framework forms the foundation of an inclusive school climate, supporting the development of classroom and school cultures where all students feel they belong in their school community. CR-PBIS is a multi-tiered, proactive and instructional approach to discipline that integrates restorative practices through a racial lens. MTSS TOSAs work with School Climate Teams to develop a more positive school climate that includes partnering with students, families and communities.


    PPS is committed to establishing a positive school climate in all schools across the district. When PBIS is fully implemented, this approach can decrease disproportionate discipline rates, reduce exclusionary discipline and support enhanced educational outcomes for all students. 


    Tier I Resources

    Climate Team Function and Responsibilities  - This document outlines the functions, roles, responsibilities and other information related to the work of the Climate Team.  

    School Climate Team Agenda TEMPLATE - This in an optional template.

    School Climate Handbook TEMPLATE - This handbook template was last modified in 2015 and will be updated this fall. 

    Effective Classroom Practices Plan TEMPLATE - This is a template for the ECPPs that teachers create annually. 



    Tier I Resources for Distance Learning

    PBIS for Distance Learning - This document includes digital citizenship matrix examples, digital citizenship resources for teachers and the PPS-HD Effective Classroom Practices Plan template. 

    Effective Practices in a Virtual Classroom - This link includes instructional and relationship & connectedness resources.


    Office Discipline Referrals (ODRs)

    Part of creating a positive climate is responding to unexpected behaviors fluently, reengaging the student back in learning as quickly as possible. It is important to document unexpected behaviors and staff response in order to review the information to look for trends and design additional supports if needed. PPS' documentation system includes Office Discipline Referrals. 

    Stage I Behavior Report

    Video: Enter Stage I 

    Fillable Stage 2&3 Behavior Report (Discipline Referral Form)

    Printable Stage 2&3 Behavior Report (Discipline Referral Form)

    Video: Enter Stage II or III