• Unit 5- Inference for Categorical Data

    Ch18- Sampling Distributions

    Ch20- 1-Prop Z-tests Slides

    Ch19- 1-Prop Z-intervals Slides

    Ch21- Tricky details about inference- You must read this chapter; these concepts will come up throughout the rest of the book!!!

    Ch22- 2-Prop Z-tests and intervals



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  • Unit 3- Gathering Data

    Unit 3 Stamp Sheet

    Chapter 11 Sides

    Chapter 12 Slides

    Chapter 13 Slides


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  • Unit 2- Relationships Between Two Variables

    Unit 2 Stamp Sheet

    Chapter 7- APS7-1 CW Worksheet, Slides

    Chapter 8- Slides

    Chapter 9- Slides 

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  • Unit 1


    Chapter 2 Slides

    Chapter 3 Slides

    Chapter 4 Slides

    Chapter 5 Slides

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  • New School Year Information!

    The syllabus can be found here.

    Attendance and communication are big factors in this class. We move pretty quickly, and when you miss class, it's important to catch up as quick as you can. When you are absent, particularly if we have a quiz or test, it's very important to email or text me to let me know and set up a time to take your test (if you miss a test day).

    Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns!

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