Programs of Study


    Audio Engineering
    Instructors: Nick Caldwell, Bruce McCleave

    The Video Production program provides students with the opportunity to develop the technical skills needed in the video production industry. Storyboarding, cinematography, video editing and sound design skills allow students to discover their inner filmmaker.


    • Sound Engineering 1-2
    • Sound Engineering 3-4
    • Sound Engineering 5-6


    Health Sciences
    Instructors: Aaron Olsen, Blair Haddon

    The Health Sciences program is designed for any and all students interested in exploring health and medicine. Course offerings and opportunities emphasize hands-on activities, experiential learning, and realistic scenarios. Students will gain first-hand experience in health care professions, have access to job shadow opportunities, and earn certifications and college credits.


    • Health Occupations (required)
    • Health Occupations 3-4
    • Health Occupations 5-6
    • Advanced Medicine/Clinical Rotations
    • Anatomy & Physiology (required; one-year course)


    Instructors: Sarah LeMier, Ken Muraoka

    The Marketing program introduces students to the commonalities among businesses, such as personnel management, finance, marketing, planning and resource management. Students will identify consumers’ needs and wants, assess the competitive environment, select customer targets and develop an appropriate marketing strategy with the goal of building and maintaining satisfying customer relationships.


    • Business Management 1-2 
    • Finance 1-2
    • Intro to Marketing
    • Intro to Sports Marketing
    • Advanced Marketing
    • Special Projects


    Computer Science
    Instructors: Chris Bartlo, Nick Nohner

    The Computer Science program gives students the opportunity to learn how to create with technology. Students will learn how to code their own apps, games, and websites through a variety of engaging projects. Students in the program will learn the computational thinking necessary to take a complex problem, reduce it to a collection of simple tasks and develop a meaningful solution.


    • Computer Science 1-2
    • Computer Science 3-4
    • Computer Science 5-6
    • Computer Science 7-8
    • Computer Science 9-10


    Construction Technology
    Instructor: Steve Walmer

    The Construction program teaches students about the career opportunities in the construction industries. Students practice the technical skills needed to succeed while gaining experience working with industrial tools.


    • Woods and Metals 1-2 (required)
    • Woods and Metals 3-4 (dual credit)
    • Woods and Metals 5-6
    • Woods and Metals 7-8



    • Engineering 1-2
    • Robotics Engineering 1-2