• Electronic Device Use Policy

    We acknowledge that in today’s world, students very often carry personal electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and/or laptops. Students may use personally owned electronic devices before and after school but are expected to observe our “Off and Away” policy during the school day. "Off and Away, or On and Academic With Permission" allows for the use of personal electronic devices only with teachers’ explicit permission. “Off and Away” means out of sight, in a pocket or backpack. It does not mean carrying the device in one's hand. The school is not responsible for personal devices, acknowledging the importance for students to be careful, to not lend their device to others, nor leave a device unattended at any time. Smartphones or any electronic device should never be used in a bathroom, respecting the privacy of all. Students may lose the privilege of using all electronic devices at school and devices may be confiscated and securely held by the school for inappropriate use or failure to comply with our electronic device use policy.


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