• Birthday Books Program

    Celebrate students by giving the gift of reading. Make a lasting contribution to the school library and to Peninsula students. 



    Why birthday books?

    The goal is to celebrate each student at Peninsula with the gift of reading and to achieve the following objectives:

    • In lieu of bringing food-based birthday treats we highly encourage you to consider this as an alternative.
    • Increase the variety of high-interest books available in the school library. 
    • Improve home libraries by gifting each student at Peninsula with a book.


    How it works

    Donate $20 per child. Near a student’s birthday (*see exceptions), they will choose from a selection of pre-purchased books. Book selection will occur during lunchtime on Wednesdays. These books come highly recommended and may also be titles needed in the library. Books are selected by Peninsula’s teacher-librarian. Students get to take the book home. The take-home book will have a special bookplate in it. Additionally, if the school library does not already own a copy of the selected book, a second copy of the book will be added to the school library collection and a bookplate reading, “This book donated in honor of [student name],” will be attached to the inside front cover. About 30 students will have this secondary honor.   


    Donate online via SchoolPay  

    Your payment helps provide a selection of books for students to choose from throughout the year. Extra donations help purchase books for the library and for students with families that choose not to participate. Join us in our endeavor to replace sugary birthday treats with mental delights!


    Can food still be brought to school to celebrate birthdays?

    Yes, but we highly encourage participation in this program as an alternative. 

    Who can donate?

    Anyone! Everyone!

    What if our family doesn’t celebrate birthdays or chooses not to donate?

    No problem. Your student will still receive a book because they are special, but it will not include the birthday bookplate on the inside cover. An alternative bookplate will be used.

    *When will the summer/holiday birthdays be celebrated?

    August birthdays will be celebrated in September. July birthdays will be celebrated in January.

    Still have questions?

    Contact: Jenny Gapp, Teacher Librarian
    Peninsula Elementary Library