Kindergarten- Room 115 Newsletter

                                 Explore, Listen, Learn and have Fun!

                  To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but believe.”     Anatole France

     Dear Families,

         October is here, and we are off to a great start!   I am beginning to learn much more about each individual child and their needs everyday.  

          My goal is to listen to each child carefully so that I can design and implement a program that meets the need of each child. This helps me to sometimes shift my teaching and instructional strategies so I can create new learning opportunities and address individual learning styles.

           I am working diligently everyday to create a caring learning community, where all children are valued for their abilities, accepted for their differences, and successful in their endeavors.  Children develop at their own pace. This means that there are some skills that students will be taught multiple times, and there are some students who just need less more direction.   Students will grow when they are engaged in meaningful and intentional work.    I am not going to overwhelm students and make them feel defeated. In kindergarten, I have targeted skills/goals that I address as the students practice their lessons every day of the week.

          An emphasized sequence of daily events and orderliness is organized to help all students gain self-confidence. The classroom is filled with opportunities for students to practice skills in whole group, small groups or one-on-one support from an adult, and express themselves in a safe environment.  

          As I continue, I’ll try to provide many opportunities for students to actively explore, question, experiment and discover.   It is also imperative that teachers, parents and students build a community where students are learning and understanding how to believe, excel and become successful.



    Home/School Activities:

    Every student has a Thursday folder (red).  Information about school events and other important information will all be placed in these folders. Please check your child’s backpack every Thursday and return the folder.


                                                                                     Expect a snapshot of:

    Language Arts in Thursday Folder: Words that are connected to our Language Arts Curriculum will be sent home the Thursday prior to the Monday the lessons are taught.

    Weekly Daily Morning Warm-Up in the classroom:  

    This list consists of Sight Words/High Frequency Words, words for blending, and weekly letters for learning and practicing sounds.

    Scholastic News Magazine : After reading and practicing in the classroom, students take it home for support/practice with parents.

    All the ideas mentioned above will be practiced in the classroom. As we move on during the year, I’ll be adding and changing.    Please don’t forget to check in with your child everyday and ask about their learning experience.



    Your child needs to bring a backpack everyday. Please make sure it is large enough to hold folders.

    Shoes: We have P.E every Thursday and Friday, Please have your child wear appropriate shoes.


    Parent Volunteers

    If you haven’t filled out a Volunteer Form, please talk to Sabrina in the office, or go on line for the forms.   You are a vital part of our classroom. There are many ways to help.

    -- work with small groups

    -- cut, staple, glue projects (can be done at home)

    -- chaperone field trips


    Contact: Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I will do the same for you, as I believe we must partner together to ensure your child’s success!

    Takiyah Williams   Room 115

    Ms. Emily Bauer – Education Assistant

    (503) 916-5686     thwilliams@pps.net