• Near Peer Mentor Program

    Families, students, and educators are the key to creating a school where students thrive, have the tools to succeed, and aspire to higher education. To take action on that vision, the Near Peer Mentor Program launches teams of near-peer college work-study mentors from the local community into cohort schools. 

    Local mentors from the community who are attending post-secondary education or training are paired with teachers to enrich classrooms, provide college and career exposure activities, and help students develop a college-going identity.

    In addition to working directly with teachers in the classroom, Near Peer Mentors have numerous paid opportunities for professional development including:

    • Summer intensive (partner teachers and NPMs);
    • NPM-centered professional development retreats and workshops throughout the year;
    • Ongoing quality coaching from a supervisor, mentoring from NPM Alum, etc.

    CAMs serve in the following schools:

    • Roosevelt High School (11th/12th); Astor, Cesar Chavez, George (7th/8th)
    • Jefferson High School (11th/12th); Faubion, Ockley Green, Tubman, Vernon (7th/8th)
    • McDaniel High School (11th/12th); Harrison Park, Roseway Heights (7th/8th)

    For more information about the Near Peer Mentor Program, contact Jennie Cha, NPM Program Supervisor, at jcha@pps.net or (503) 916-3636.

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