• Job Shadows

    Job Shadows are school/community experience that allows students to observe people in the community as they perform their regular job duties.  During a job shadow, students observe an employee for a short period of time to learn about the business, industry or profession of the employee.  Job shadowing is a short-term, work-place learning opportunity, with an emphasis on exploration.  The job shadow experience should be planned to provide the student with the opportunity to explore all aspect of the business or industry as well as the specifics of the job they are shadowing.
    Job Shadows are  exploratory in nature, most students will benefit from several Job Shadws are experiences over the course of several years, until they become more focused on a career path.
    Job Shadows provide an opportunity for partnership between schools and businesses.  Participating students have demonstrated heightened confidence in their potential to succeed, as they can “see themselves” in the workplaces and businesses have an opportunity to showcase their business as a potential employer for students.
    For additional information on Job Shadows please download our  Job Shadow Information Packet 
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