• What Is Clever?

    Clever is a digital resource available to all classrooms, teachers, and students. Clever has four primary tools:

    • Secure Sync is a rostering tool that automatically creates and updates student and teacher accounts in learning software;
    • Clever Portal is a student and teacher portal that supports a single-sign-on system for all learning resources in Clever. This portal allows student and teacher users to "sign-on" to the application automatically through their user sign-on into Clever or via the Chromebook itself.
    • Clever Badges are a fast and fun way for K-3 students to log in to learning software—no typing necessary. Clever Badges are available for students in grades K-3 in Portland Public Schools. Contact support.pps.net if you are K-3 in Portland and would like to learn more about using Clever Badges with your students.

     Additional Clever resources.

    Rostering Applications with Clever

    If you are considering software that you believe will need or requires rostered data, you will need to submit a service request ticket. Submitting a ticket before you purchase or sign contracts is most helpful so we can partner with you in discussing rostering needs and capabilities! If you need assistance, email support@pps.net.

    We are able to roster applications by school for grade level bands or greater. We are not able to roster an application for one class, one teacher, a selection of students, etc. Questions can be directed to support@pps.net.

    *Any digital application that receives rostered data from PPS is using Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Software or digital resources that use PII require a contract or student data privacy agreement prior to use. This is for all software purchased or free.


Ellie Larsen
Enterprise Solutions Admin
Kevin Crotchett
Director of Learning Technologies

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