• School Team Structures

    School team structures are supported by the MTSS department. Below we have linked a guiding document for each of the recommended school teams: ILT, Climate, PLCs and SIT. If schools choose to modify the configuration of their teams (perhaps merge ILT and Climate), the documents below can help ensure that important team functions aren't overlooked. 


    Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) - The Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) serves as the "guiding coalition" for the building. Comprising representatives from each collaborative teacher team, administration, and classified and support staff, this team's primary responsibility is to unite and coordinate the school's collective efforts across grade levels, departments and subjects. 

    Climate Team - The Climate Team collaborates to ensure installation of Tier I Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) practices through implementation of the TFI action plan. This team includes a wide representation of school staff. 

    Professional Learning Community (PLC) - Collaborative Teacher Teams are teams comprising of educators who share curricula, and thus take collective responsibility for students learning their common priority standard outcomes. Most often, these are teachers who teach the same grade level, subject and/or course.

    Student Intervention Team (SIT) The Student Intervention Team (SIT) is a general education problem-solving team made up of a variety of school personnel. The purpose of the SIT is to select appropriate behavior and academic interventions for students who are experiencing difficulty in school in order to support student growth in lagging skills so they may be successful in the general education setting.


    MTSS TOSAs are prepared to support schools in the formation of teams, growing the practice of teams, and/or supporting schools in reconsidering teaming structures.