• RHS Leadership


    This course focuses on developing each student’s personal leadership style while serving in a leadership capacity in the school. Students are accepted into this full year class by spring term student election, or completing a full year of Leadership 1 and submitting an application to the Activities Director. Students must be self-motivated, responsible, take initiative, have excellent attendance, be comfortable speaking in small groups and be ready to contribute to a variety of events and committees by using in and out of class hours. This course requires hours outside of the classroom to complete classroom committee tasks and responsibilities. Students taking this course must display R.I.D.E.R leadership qualities at all times and dedicate themselves to creating an inclusive and supportive Roosevelt community through school activities. This course develops an understanding of Leadership as a theory and a practice by planning and implementing assemblies, forums, school wide activities and events, etc. Student elected officers are automatically enrolled for a full year. Students are expected to maintain a 2.75 GPA, represent the rider values, have excellent attendance and behavior in all classes as well as being a positive student of influence and role model.