• IB Results

    2020 IB Assessment Results

    Final IB assessment results will be released on July 6, 2020.   They are available to view at candidates.ibo.org. All registered students received an email containing their Personal Code and PIN in their exam folders in April 2020.  Please check your inbox for an email labeled "IB Results and Senior Transcripts" sent on May 13, 2020 before contacting the IB Coordinator to request your login codes.  

    You may apply to retake an exam or request a remark of exam components for an additional fee.  Fees are not charged for remarks that result in a grade change.  Contact the IB Coordinator, Jennifer Wiandt Owens, by email, at jwiandt2@pps.net before July 20th if you are considering retakes or remarks.    


    2020 IB Transcript Request

    Seniors were asked to submit a transcript request by June 23, 2020 to have their exam results transferred to the college of their choice for the purpose of receiving college credit and/or advanced placement.  

    ALL transcript requests have now been updated in the IB Information System.  Students can view the universities that their results are being sent to by logging into the IB candidate website at candidates.ibo.org and clicking on the Transcripts tab. Do not submit duplicate requests as this will delay the sending of results and the admissions application process. In addition, students will be charged for any duplicate requests made. 

    All universities that receive IB results in electronic format will be able to download the results on 5th July at 12pm GMT, providing a transcript request has been submitted. All universities that receive results in paper format will be sent the results transcripts by 31 July, with the exception of several countries such as Spain, India, Germany and Sweden where the admissions deadlines are much earlier and therefore the results will be sent out earlier to meet these deadlines.

    After the release of results on July 5th, graduates interested in sending additional transcripts must complete the transcript request form on the public IBO website, using this link: https://www.ibo.org/programmes/diploma-programme/assessment-and-exams/requesting-transcripts/ and provide payment of $17. 


    Useful Links:

    2020 Transcript Request Form (Request for scores to be sent to college registrar. Deadline to submit is June 23, 2020.)

    IB COVID-19 updates and FAQ (Updates from the International Baccalaureate Organization regarding 2020 assessment changes)

    IB Course Briefs (include descriptions of the non-exam components used for assessment in each course)

    Cleveland Community Letter (community letter announcing 2020 IB assessment changes)

    Please contact IB Coordinator Jennifer Wiandt Owens at jwiandt2@pps.net if you have addtional questions.