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    • Future You 2 Go are PPS sponsored events, hosted by the PPS Office of Career & Technical Education.
    • Students’ participation and attendance is very important as these career awareness opportunities will expose them to a wide variety of careers and postsecondary options.
    • Students’ attendance will be tracked and reported to schools to excuse students for missing Office Hours, Applied Learning, or Small Group Instruction times.

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  • Wednesday, May 12

    Wednesday, May 12, 2021 from 2:00-2:45pm. Career Presentation - Jonathan Garcia, PPS Chief of Staff.

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    Meet Jonathan, who serves as the Chief of Staff for Portland Public Schools. An extension of the Superintendent, Jonathan manages the operations of the office, including serving as the executive liaison to the Board of Education and overseeing the District’s Communications, Government Affairs, Strategic Partnerships and Community Engagement teams. He serves as President of The Fund for PPS, an independent nonprofit organization. A son of undocumented immigrants, Jonathan graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology & Philosophy and a Master of Arts in Management from Azusa Pacific University. He has earned multiple professional accolades, including being named to the 2018 Forbes' “30 Under 30 in Education” list and selected as a 2020 NextGen Pahara Institute Fellow. Jonathan sits on the Board of Directors for the Portland Trail Blazers Foundation, Futuro Media Group and Arte Publico Press. Connected Careers: Education, Education Leadership

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