• Home Instructor for Teen Parents

  • Merri Garcia

    Teen Parent Home Instructor

    I’m honored to serve Teen Parent Services program as Home Instructor. In this position, I provide academic support and advocacy for teen parents as they learn to balance the demands of parenthood and high school academics.

    In addition to home instruction, I provide tutoring and Independent Study Language Arts instruction for teen parents needing credit recovery.

    Outside of work, I love to read, play games, swim, travel, write songs, and spend time with my husband, Francisco, five-year-old daughter, Audrey, and our dog, Oso.

    Merri Garcia
    Teen Parent Home Instructor
    Cell: (503) 679-7642
  • What is Home Instruction?

    With a doctor’s note, students receive home instruction for 6 weeks after their child is born. The Home Instructor maintains contact with teachers, retrieves class work and provides home instruction in each student’s home so students don’t miss their school work.

    The Home Instructor is able to tutor, proctor tests, and provide general support necessary to new teen parents. This is a vital service, which allows students to earn credit during the semester in which their child is born.