• Foundation

    Llewellyn Elementary Foundation is a local school foundation under the Umbrella of the Portland Schools Foundation (PSF), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  The parents on the Llewellyn Elementary Foundation board work with the Principal to raise money to help fund teaching positions not covered by Portland Public Schools.  For giving purposes, the Foundation's Tax ID Number is 84-2040549.

    Website: www.thellewellynfoundation.org

    Email: thellewellynfoundation@gmail.com

    Chair:  Rebecca Payne Collins

    Treasurer: TBD

    Secretary:  Meredith Copeland

    Run Llewellyn: Carleen Drago

    Wreath Sales:  Corey Camacho

    Dine Out Fundraisers:  Alia Walt

    Website:  Natalie Alzalone



    Foundation members meet up on the first Thursday of each month. If you are interested in getting involved or joining a meeting, reach out for this month’s time and location! TheLlewellynFoundation@gmail.com