Family Transportation Support

  • We have launched a Family Transportation Support (FTS) in lieu of our Transportation department servicing students to and from school due to canceled routes for the foreseeable future.

    Currently, Benson and Lincoln families impacted by the canceled bus routes are eligible and will now be able to receive $300 a month per family for transporting their student(s) to and from high school. This payment recognizes and compensates families for their support in transporting their student(s) to school, in lieu of utilizing PPS Transportation services.


  • Why were these routes eliminated?

  • Can I get the support if my bus route is not on the list?

  • How do I find my students' route?


  • Do parents get paid for each child they drive to school?

  • My student lives in two households, will both parents receive a stipend ?

  • Are summer months, July and August, eligible for payment?

  • I received an email inviting me to enroll in the FTS program, but my child's school isn't listed. Is my family eligible?


  • I enrolled in the Family Transportation Support but received a letter stating that I was ineligible for the upcoming school year. Why?

  • When will parents/guardians know if they’ve been approved for eligibility?

  • I missed the deadline for the survey, how do I find out if I'm eligible for the program?


  • When will I receive my first Payment?

  • My student only receives transportation to or from school? Am I still eligible?

  • I haven't received my FTS check, who do I talk to?

  • Will I get a prorated check from the date I was notified that my route was canceled?


  • Email:

Currently Canceled Routes

  • Benson

    120, 133, 138, 139, 228


    22, 24, 25, 26, 31, 32, 33, 34