• NOTE: Though all of PPS may participate in this program, this page includes
    contact and scheduling information specific to Sunnyside Environmental School.
    For general information about the program, please visit this page.


    Introducing the Screening Testing Program: Free Weekly COVID-19 Screening Testing Program

    In our continued effort to limit the spread of COVID-19 in our communities, Sunnyside will participate in a weekly COVID-19 Screening Testing Program, a partnership between the Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) and PPS. Screening testing provides early detection of COVID-19, even when individuals have no apparent COVID-19-like symptoms.  

    If you are interested in having your student(s) participate in this free weekly COVID-19 screening testing program, please email to Kieran Cannistra a signed copy of the opt-ins linked at the bottom of this letter, or have your student turn in signed hard copies to the SES office.

    If I enroll my student in this testing program, what should I expect? 

    1. Families who wish to participate in the testing program must fill out the consent forms and health authorization forms we sent home with your student. They are also linked below.

    2. Every month, our school will receive testing kits and labels to send home. We will send kits and labels home with students once per month.

    3. We ask that every Monday morning your student spit into the test tube. We encourage you to watch this 4 minute video or read this document before collecting a spit sample. It is very important to remember that students should not have eaten or drank anything (other than water) or brushed teeth for 30 minutes before the saliva collection.

    4. Please return the spit samples every Monday. Students will drop off samples in secure drop boxes outside the nurse’s office or by the front door of the school. Samples will be collected by OHSU for transportation to the lab for testing. (If a student misses a week, they will wait until the following week to submit a sample.)

    5. OHSU will share the results within 48 hours of the specimen being dropped off at school. You will receive a secure email with your child's results. You will receive a secure email with your child's results. Please be sure you note the email address you wish results to go to on the consent form.

      Please note: Neither SES nor PPS will receive the results of your student’s test, and we are unable to look up students' results. 

      If it is a positive (or inconclusive) result, we ask that you keep your student home from school. Please call the SES office immediately and we will follow the guidance provided by our partners at the Multnomah Health Department.

      Your student’s test results will be kept confidential and will be accessible only to you, unless it is a positive result. In the event of a positive result, your authorization allows OHSU to provide this information to the Multnomah County Health Department.

    We know that this is an important tool in our effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It’s also important to remember that despite the availability of this program, the best tools to protect individuals against COVID-19 are vaccination for those eligible, physical distancing, masks, proper ventilation and airflow, hand hygiene, and staying home if ill or exposed to someone with COVID-19.

    Nurse Catrina and School Health Assistant Amy are available to help answer your health and safety questions. The Sunnyside team is here to support you, your family and your child’s educational success and emotional wellness.

    If you have questions about the testing process, please contact administration at eberg@pps.net or 503-916-6226.  Please also be sure to update any email addresses in ParentVUE. Contact Kieran Cannistra with ParentVUE issues. If you have questions about the OHSU process or test specifics, please refer to the information attached to this letter and contact them directly.

    We are excited for the launch of this screening testing program, helping us make more informed decisions about our students safety and health. 




    • OHSU COVID-19 K-12 Testing Authorization Form
      English | Español

    • General Testing Authorization Form (NOTE: If you already returned a version of this form and your information has not changed, you do not need to submit a second form.)
      English | Español