• Title IX
    At Ida B. Wells HS we take all reports of sexual misconduct and student safety very seriously. Our standard protocol is to share all reports of sexual misconduct with the Portland Public Schools' Title IX Office.  Title IX is the federal law that protects students from harassment or discrimination while at school. Title IX specifically prohibits sexual assault or harassment, dating violence, LGBTQ+bullying and other forms of harassment including online.  We are fortunate to have Title IX investigators and educators who guide us as we respond to allegations of sexual misconduct. Together, we work to stop the behavior, prevent it from recurring with safety measures, and support impacted students.

    Students have several ways to report sexual harassment, dating violence, (cyber)stalking, domestic violence or other discrimination/harassment:

    1. Report to PPS
    2. Report to law enforcement (PPB non-emergency) 503.823.3333
    3. Connect with the IBW Title IX Liaison, VP Coning, or any trusted adult
    4. Connect with a confidential advocate FIRST using this direct line for PPS students. Advocates provide free, confidential support and referral to PPS youth of all genders.

    Whenever a Title IX report is made, it goes directly to Elizabeth Johnson, PPS Investigator & Educator.  Elizabeth will then reach out with resources and support systems as quickly as possible.  To learn more about Title IX reports, investigations, and possible outcomes, please take a look at this document that was generated by a group of PPS students and the Title IX Office.

    Student safety and well-being is one of our core commitments at Ida B. Wells.  We thank you in advance for surfacing concerns when they arise and for working with us to support our Ida B. Wells HS community.  

    IBW School-wide Title IX Lesson, February 17, 2022 Slide Deck

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