Summer Acceleration Academy HUB Sites

  • HUB Sites, Feeder Schools, and Schedules

    Students who have been nominated by their school to participate in Summer Acceleration Academy will attend at one of many HUB sites located all over the district. If you have received an invitation for your student to enroll, you can check to see the HUB site location and schedule now by searching by your student's current school and current grade level. 

    Students who attend Focus Option or Charter Schools will attend the Summer Acceleration Academy HUB site closest to their home address.

    A map of all HUB sites is available at this link: HUB Sites Map

    Families will receive confirmation of their enrollment, HUB site, schedule, and transportation information in May.

    If you have questions please contact your school office or send an email to:


    • Type into the search bar below the name of your current school to locate your hub site.


    • Use the "School" and "Grade" buttons to filter your options. 
    • Note: To clear the filers, click on the 3 vertical dots to the right.