2022 Climate Crisis Response Committee Application

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    DEADLINE:  JUNE 15, 2022

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    Application for a one- or two-year term, beginning July 1, 2022.   


    Earlier this year, the PPS School Board unanimously adopted one of the most aggressive school-based climate crisis response policies in the nation. Now, PPS is recruiting students and members of the Portland community to join the district’s first Climate Crisis Response Committee (CCR Committee). The CCR Committee will bring together a diverse group of individuals with unique thoughts, expertise and lived experiences to ensure the District's work to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 is realized. The impact of this policy and work will impact:

    • What students learn
    • How district buildings are constructed
    • What kind of equipment is used to maintain schoolgrounds


    The mission of the Climate Crisis Response Committee (the Committee) is to monitor the effective implementation of the District’s Climate Action Plan, and to track progress of the Portland Public Schools’ (the District) Climate Crisis Response, Climate Justice and Sustainable Practices Policy (the Policy). The Committee informs and advises the Board of Education (Board), but does not have decision-making authority.  

    Composition of the Committee

    The CCRC is composed of no more than nine volunteer members appointed by the  Board to initial staggered terms of one and two years with all subsequent terms being two years.  At minimum, the majority of members (5 of 9) will identify as people of color. Two members will be current PPS students and each serve one-year terms.


    After the Committee’s initial organizational meetings occur, the Committee will convene quarterly, assess district actions and data relating to the goals outlined in the district’s Climate Policy and will report to the Board on an annual basis on the implementation and progress on the goals outlined in  the Policy. 

    The Board will supply a template to be used by the Committee to produce a report that will be provided to the Board in written format and align to the structure and goals of the Policy.  

    To learn more about the Climate Crisis Response Committee, please visit [insert website] for additional information. For more information, please contact Aaron Presberg at apresberg@pps.net.