• OSAS Science


    What is the OSAS Science test?

    OSAS stands for Oregon Statewide Assessment System. The Oregon Science test is a state-required computer-based assessment of student science knowledge. 

    Who takes it?

    All students in grades 5, 8, and 11 take the Science test.

    What does it measure?

    OSAS Science measures how well students have mastered science skills and knowledge in physical science, life science, earth science, science and engineering practices and cross-cutting concepts (for example energy and matter).

    When is it administered?

    View the district testing calendar for the current year's testing windows.  

    How is it administered?

    Students take the test on a computer. The test takes about 90 minutes to complete.

    How are the results used?

    Science scores are used to monitor how well students are learning science content and skills.

    Who requires it?

    This is a state-required test. The Oregon Department of Education requires that students take OSAS Science.

    What if I want to know more about this assessment?

    Visit the Oregon Department of Education website on the OSAS Science assessment to learn more about the test.

    I'm a parent/guardian. Who do I contact with questions about this assessment?

    Contact Testing Help with questions about OSAS Science testing.