• Oregon Kindergarten Assessment


    What is the Oregon Kindergarten Assessment?

    The Oregon Kindergarten Assessment is composed of the following three measures: Early Literacy, Early Math, and Approaches to Learning. This assessment gives a snapshot of the skills students have when they enter kindergarten.

    Who takes it?

    All kindergarteners take the Oregon Kindergarten Assessment.

    What does it measure?

    The Oregon Kindergarten Assessment measures early literacy and early math skills, social-emotional development, approaches to learning, and self-regulation. 

    When is it administered?

    The Oregon Kindergarten Assessment is administered during the first six weeks of school. Consult your school's calendar and your child's teachers for exact test dates. 

     View the district testing calendar for the current year's testing windows.  

    How is it administered?

    • The test is given on paper.
    • The test is given one-on-one.
    • The test takes about 15 minutes to complete.          

    How are the results used?

    The test is used by the state of Oregon to see how well the state is doing in supporting families and students to be ready for school. The test will also be used to see whether there are gaps in how different groups of students are prepared for Kindergarten.

    Who requires it?

    The Oregon Kindergarten Assessment is a state test required by the Oregon Department of Education.

    What if I want to know more about this assessment?

    I'm a parent/guardian. Who do I contact with questions about this assessment?

    Contact Testing Help if you have questions about the Oregon Kindergarten Assessment.