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    Curriculum Associates i-Ready Classroom Mathematics is the adopted curricular resource for K-5 Mathematics instruction in Portland Public Schools.  


    The i-Ready Classroom Mathematics program is structured by units, lessons, and sessions. There are five to six units at each grade level. Each unit is broken into lessons which span multiple days.  Each lesson is divided into 3 - 5 daily sessions. This structure provides students with the time necessary to dig deeper into concepts, strengthening their understanding and helping them become independent learners. Each session also follows the Try–Discuss–Connect routine.  This is a predictable routine that provides students an opportunity to make sense of problems, share ideas and discuss thinking with their peers, and compare different mathematical representations and approaches.


    In addition to the daily classroom Try-Discuss-Connect routine, students may also be working on an individualized learning plan called My Path. My Path is a digital program that is created based on a student’s Diagnostic assessment. Teachers may also assign digital lessons in alignment with their students' needs. Students may spend 30-50 minutes a week working on My Path.


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