• November 15, 2022


    Hi all,


    It was wonderful to see you all again! I continue to feel extremely welcomed by all students and staff, and am looking forward to the opportunity to return to Maplewood in December!


    I will be continuing to send monthly newsletters highlighting what we worked on from the previous week. As always, you are welcome to check out our Game Library if you ever need a quick game idea or new recess option. For an even more extensive resource, you can also download our complete Game Guide.


    If you need anything while I am off-site, please feel free to reach out at any point. See you all for rotation #3 on 12/5!


    Maplewood CGT Schedule


    Recess Highlights

    Taking advantage of the beautiful fall weather we have been enjoying, this week we went back to our tag zone to play some Run Rabbit, Run, the rules of which you will find in the attached link! This was a new game for many of our students, and is one that is able to be played across all age groups with little variation. We also reviewed some of our four square games, Chewbacca and Switch, which have been played in their PE classes as well. As the weather takes a turn for the cold and rainy, those will be excellent games to keep recess going.


    Class Game Times

    I wanted to give a shoutout to teachers for their continued engagement and play with their students during their CGT’s! Seeing you engage with them in such a playful manner goes a long way in helping build that trust and good will that teachers and students need.


    Junior Coaches

    Shout out to Mr. Kaplan’s class for working so diligently as junior coaches for the past several weeks! I had a great time working with Ms. Anderson’s group this week as we began the new round of junior coach training. Moving forward, they will be taking on the mantle of Junior Coaches until my next rotation. Their eagerness and patience gives me confidence that they will do a great job!


    Recess Team

    Shout out to the recess staff for jumping in and playing during recess this week, and for meeting with me formally after school (twice!!). Your continued diligence speaks highly to the school and your goals for recess development. Once again I am including this helpful document for reference on how to have successful interactions at recess, however that looks for you! Engagement strategies


    Thank you again,